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Electronic Toys

Technology and digitisation have evolved from being a mere trend to a firm feature in the toy sector. In the Electronic Toys product group, manufacturers show how technological innovations are now enabling new and exciting gaming experiences. Smart toys, kits for programmable robots, games in virtual worlds, electronic learning toys and remote-controlled multicopters and RC vehicles all rely on modern technology and encourage children and adults alike to engage playfully with all the digital possibilities on offer.

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In this product group you will find

  • Robot toys

Robotics (Model kits); Robots (characters); Electronic Pets; Coding Toys

  • RC toys

RC toys; Drones; Track toys, slot car racing and accessories

  • Virtual play

Augmented Reality Toys; Virtual Reality Toys; Consoles and accessories; Handhelds; E-toys; Entertainment software (e-games); Games-Applications (APPs)

  • Electronic learning

Electronic games; Edutainment (language software, encyclopedias, etc.); Infotainment software (guides, geography, music, films / TV, etc.); Educational-Applications (APPs); Video; Music; Educational software; School software; Tablets, laptops and computers; Electronic pens

  • Other Electronic Toys

Action Camera; Wearables (smart watches, pedometer, ect.); 3D Printing and accessories; Walkie-Talkie; Microphones; Headphones

License articles, sustainable toys and toys for people with special needs complete the product portfolio.

The Electronic Toys product group is located in hall 4A

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With more than 1 million products, including around 120,000 new toys, the Spielwarenmesse® offers a unique product variety. Read in the ToyMagazine which trends and innovations are emerging in the product group Electronic Toys.

Technological progress revolves around concepts such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, virtual reality and so on. These advancements have also reached the toy sector. With electronic toys, children and adults can help to actively shape the nature of play, among other things, such as by learning to program through play and interaction with their toys. Products that open up technological possibilities through play and integrate the latest tech trends into toys are often at the forefront. Consumers are ensured exciting play experiences with the added value of thereby preparing themselves for our digital world. Children also go wild for products that add digital aspects to physical content. With increasing demand for “playful technology” in some markets, there is potential for toy manufacturers and retailers to tap into new business areas and target consumer groups with a strong interest in technology.

Gallery: Electronic Toys

Contact for new exhibitors:

Sabrina Endres

+49 911 99813-10

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Marlene Hösch

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