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Services from A to Z

Here you can find all services available at Spielwarenmesse®.


see "Delivery Address"


see "Accomodation"


An overview of all Spielwarenmesse events and dates. Navigate the exhibition space confidently, with all exhibitor information to hand, and quickly swap contact details online. The free software can be downloaded from the Internet or obtained directly at all information counters in the exhibition centre foyers.

Application Spielwarenmesse® 2019 for exhibitors

Hand-over during the fair at:

  • ExhibitorsLounge, NCC West, level 1
  • Fair Management Exhibitors, NCC West, level 2
  • Press center, NCC Ost, level 1

Payment of application fee possible at:

  • Fair Management Exhibitors, NCC West, level 2
  • Press center, NCC Ost, level 1


  • Entrance West
  • Entrance Ost

Bakery service

Mobile pastry and snack service on wheel
Lehrieder Catering-Party Service GmbH & Co. KG

During the fair:
Phone: +49 911 86066114


See "ATM"

nearest bank:

Wettersteinstr. 45
Nürnberg 90471

Business cards

See "BusinessLounge"


Internet service / web workstation / copy, printing and fax service
BusinessLounge Service 4/5, level 1

Phone: +49 911 86066606
Fax: +49 911 86066611

Opening hours:
Free internet service / web workstations:
Wed 31.1. – Sun 4.2.2018; 8:15 am - 6:45 pm
(Reservation is only possible onsite)

Copy, printing and fax service:
Tue 30.1.2018; 11am - 5pm
Wed 31.1. to Fri 2.2.2018 8.30 am - 5 pm
Sat 3.2.2018; 9 am - 3 pm
Sun 4.2.2018; 9 am - 11 am

Cafés/ Cafeterias

  • NCC Mitte (Brainfood, Brezen Stand)
  • Service 1 (Kiosk)
  • Service 1/2 (Kiosk)
  • Service 4/5 (Kiosk)
  • Service 2/3/4 (Cafebar)
  • Service 3/4 (Cafebar)
  • Passage 4A (Cafebar)
  • Service 4 (Sandwicheria)
  • Service 5/6 (Cafebar)
  • NCC Ost (Bistro with breakfast service)
  • Hall 7A (Lavazzabar)
  • Service 6/7 (Kiosk)
  • Service 8/9 (Kiosk)
  • Fair Park (Brezen Stand)
  • Service 9 (Kiosk)
  • Foyer hall 11.0 (SpieleCafé)
  • Hall 11.1 (Cafebar Spezial)
  • NCC West (Brezen Stand)
  • Hall 12.0 (Kiosk)

See also "Restaurants"

Camping Site

Directly at "Große Strasse"
Knaus Campingpark Nürnberg
Hans-Kalb-Str. 56
90471 Nuremberg
Phone +49 911 9812717
Fax +49 911 9812718


Food and drink for receptions and conferences, delivery service to the stands

Lehrieder Catering-Party Service GmbH & Co. KG

Phone: +49 911 86066114
Fax: +49 911 86066115


Distribution of Advertising Material

This distribution of flyers, brochures, catalogues, magazines or other print products outside the stand space is only permitted with the express approval of the Fair Management.

For the distribution of give-aways and promotional gifts, exhibitors can book a walking act for the running time of the Spielwarenmesse.

For applications and more information please contact Heiko Röschlein, h.roeschlein@spielwarenmesse.de

Emergency call

Security Control Unit Phone: +49 911 86067000
112 (without area code)

Exhibiton stand construction

Meplan GmbH
Service-Center Mitte, Counter Hall

Messebau Wörnlein
Exhibitors Shop Service 5/6 level 1


Entrance West, level 1

  • For exhibitors with questions about the current fair
  • For exhibitors who would like to apply for the next fair

Phone: +49 911 86066747
Fax: +49 911 86066740

Factory inspectorate

Service 6/7, office 106

It is for discussion and answering questions with regard to the examination of exhibits on their compatibility with the toy standards.

Opening hours:

from 31.1. - 2.2.2018; 9 am - 6 pm

Fair Management >>Exhibitors<<

NCC West, level 2
Opening hours: Daily 8 am – 6 pm

Phone: +49 911 9981359

Fair Management >>Visitors<<

Entrance Mitte

Wed, 31. Jan - Sun, 4 Feb. 2018
daily from 8 am to 6 pm

Fax service

For incoming and outgoing faxes (incoming faxes have to be collected there)
in the BusinessLounge, Service 4/5, level 1

subject to charge

Phone: +4991186066606
Fax: +4991186066611

Opening hours:

Tue 30.1.2018; 11am - 5pm
Wed 31.1. to Fri 2.2.2018 8.30 am - 5 pm
Sat 3.2.2018; 9 am - 3 pm
Sun 4.2.2018; 9 am - 11 am


Exclusive gifts at the Infocounter foyer hall 10


Service 1/2, 6/7, 8/9, Service 7

Passage to NCC Ost to the hall 4A

Hostess and stand staff

Lorenz Projekte GmbH & Co. KG
Phone: +499112146660

or booking via www.spielwarenmesse.de/en/service (Online Service Center)

Information counters

  • Entrance Mitte
  • Entrance West
  • Entrance Ost
  • Hall 11

and in all service areas between the halls

Innovation made in Germany

You can discover innovative products and aspiring German companies in hall 3A. This pavilion is sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).

IPR Council

The IPR Council (Intellectual Property Rights Council) at the Spielwarenmesse is a service for the protection of intellectual property and facilitates out-of-court settlement of complaints concerning the protection of exhibitor's industrial property rights. Please report complaints to the employees in the ExhibitorsLounge, NCC West, level 1.. The full documents for initiating the complaint procedure are on display in the office of the Fair Management or can be downloaded during the fair at www.spielwarenmesse.de/en/ipr-council.

Jewish morning prayer

Room Bremen, Frankenhalle, level 2
Daily (except Saturday), 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Kids India

4. - 6.9.2018, Mumbai

More information will be provided in the ExhibitorsLounge, NCC West, level 1 and on www.kidsindia.de

Kids Turkey

4. -7.10.2018, Istanbul

More information will be provided in the ExhibitorsLounge, NCC West, level 1 and on www.kidsturkey.com


Wellness-Lounge in Service 5/6
Heike Hüyng


Trade Magazines Stand, NCC Ost

Medicine collection service

First-aid staff collects medicines from a chemist’s shop twice a day. Prescriptions can be handed in at all first-aid centres. Medicines must be paid for.
Phone +49 911 86066156

Meeting rooms

See “Conference and Meeting room”

NEC – New Exhibitor Center

Hall 3A, international first-time exhibitors in one pavilion

Opening hours of the fair

Wed 31.1. - Sun 4.2.2018; 9 am - 6 pm (Entry: 8.45 am - 5 pm)


Service Center Mitte

Parking garage

Opening hours:
7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Exit is possible at all times

Parking permits for exhibitors and visitors

Engelhardt & Co. Parkraummanagement & Service GmbH
Service Partner Center, level 1
Phone: +49 911 98118855
Fax: +49 911 98118858
E-mail: info@engelhardt-parkservice.de
Day parking permit:  € 10
Permanent parking permit:  € 50

Party service for exhibitors

See “Catering”


Foto Zierold, owner: Horst Goßmann
E-mail: info@fotozierold.de
Phone: +49 911 440844

No entries

Rest area

  • Foyer Halle 11
  • Service-Center Mitte, Ground Floor, Counter Hall
  • NCC West, level 0
  • NCC Ost
  • Between Hall 10/11
  • Service 5/6


  • Service 1/2 (Restaurant Süd, International cuisine)
  • Passage 3/4 (Restaurant Ost, International cuisine)
  • Hall 3A (LunchTime, Mediterranean cuisine)
  • NCC Ost, level 1 (Restaurant Vasco da Gama, International cuisine)
  • Service 7 (Pizzeria, Italian cuisine)
  • Between Halls 7/8 (Grill Station, Country-style cuisine)
  • Service 8/9 (Restaurant Nord, International cuisine)
  • Fair Park (American Diner, CurryRyder)
  • NCC Mitte (Restaurant Behaims, Franconian cuisine)
  • Foyer Hall 11.0 (Biergarten)
  • NCC West, level 1 (Restaurant West, International cuisine)

See also "Cafes/Cafeterias"

Security service

Exhibitors are advised to arrange their own stand guards, which can only be ordered via the service partner Engelhardt & Co. Sicherheit GmbH.

Engelhardt & Co. Sicherheit GmbH
ServicePartner Center, level 1
Phone: +49 911 9811880
E-mail: engelhardt@engelhardt-sicherheit.de



Daily 7:00 am – 8:00 pm


exclusive presents at the infocounter in the foyer of hall 10

Spielwarenmesse® App

The Spielwarenmesse® app offers you information from the toy sector all year. With the Spielwarenmesse® app, you always have the best free planning tool for the trade fair at your fingertips.
An overview of all Spielwarenmesse events and dates. Navigate the exhibiton space confidently, with all exhibitor information to hand, and quickly swap contact details online.



Taxi stands at entrances Entrance West and Entrance Ost

Phone +49 911 19410


The special area for technological toys in hall 4A: Robot Toys, RC Toys, Virtual Play, Electronic Learning.



NürnbergMesse GmbH
Messezentrum 1
90471 Nuremberg

(Communicationproducts: DSL, Telephon)
Tel.: +49 911 86064848

(Wireless LAN Products)
Tel.: +49 911 86064000

Testing & Inspecting Center

You can find out all about toy safety in hall 11.1 in the Testing & Inspecting Centre troughout the fair from 31.1. - 4.2.2018. The national and international test and inspection institutes there provide information about test procedures and safety requirements.


The prize for new products at the Spielwarenmesse®

Visit the winners and nominees in the ToyAward area in the TrendGallery in hall 3A or online at www.toyaward.com


When the fair closes its doors at 6 pm in the evening, the Nuremberg city centre has a rich variety of activities in store for you. You can start an unforgettable evening by taking the convenient underground
direct from the fair.



See "Public transport"

VAT refund

(for foreign exhibitors)
Rechtsanwälte Dr. Scholz & Weispfenning
Entrance Mitte, Level 1, VIP 1

Opening hours during the fair:
31.1. - 4.2.2018:
10 am - 12.30 pm and 1 pm - 5 pm

Phone during the fair: +49 911 86066268

Voucher booklet

Receive exclusive benefits with the new voucher booklet at the Spielwarenmesse®. Available at all information counters.

Wheelchair hire

OperationCenter, Entrance Mitte
Free use on depositing passport/identity card (electric wheelchair is charged)

Contact before the fair:
Marion Weiß, Visitor Services


Please buy vouchers by credit card at the infocounters during the fair.
60 minutes: € 5.00
1 day (until 12 pm): € 25.00
Valid until 12 pm on day of use
The online time starts after login.
The connection is cleared once the total period of use has expired

Free Wifi: 10 MBit/s

World of Toys

Spielwarenmesse eG paves your way to the world’s most important growth regions. Our international fair programme World of Toys gives you the opportunity to present your company and products at major international toy fairs.

Interested? More information will be provided in the ExhibitorsLounge, NCC West, level 1    

Kids India, Mumbai, 4.9. - 6.9.2018
Your contact: Martin von Vopelius,  E-Mail: m.vopelius@spielwarenmesse.de

Kids Turkey, Istanbul, 4.10. - 7.10.2018
Your contact: Marlene Hösch,  E-Mail: m.hoesch@spielwarenmesse.de 

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