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If you have not yet registered with the Spielwarenmesse® or you did not attend last year, please register in advance providing proof of your journalistic activities.

The health and safety of all attendees is our top priority. As a result, you will need to apply for accreditation for Spielwarenmesse 2021® in advance of the event! Please note that there will not be an Accreditation Counter at the Spielwarenmesse® itself. More information will soon be available on this website.

Advance registration is an important part of the Hygiene Concept developed for Spielwarenmesse® 2021.

Media representatives who registered for Spielwarenmesse® 2020 will receive an email, containing the latest PressGuide along with information on re-accreditation. Please note that, given the current circumstances surrounding the Spielwarenmesse® 2021, we require current proof of accreditation from all journalists. We also request that you update your contact details with us.

Re-accreditation can only be performed online. Please note that there will not be an Accreditation Counter at the Spielwarenmesse® itself.

For the benefit of your health and safety during your visit, we have drawn up a comprehensive set of measures. Further details can be found in our Hygiene Concept.

If you operate a professional, industry-related blog or another channel that relates in some way to the Spielwarenmesse®, simply apply for online accreditation providing corresponding proof. Please read our information for bloggers.

Accreditation guidelines

Subject to checks by the Spielwarenmesse®, bloggers/YouTubers/Instagramers can be awarded accreditation for the purpose of editorial reporting under the following conditions:

  • Your blog, YouTube or Instagram channel is devoted to editorial reporting with text, photos and/or film. The person requiring accreditation must be featured there by name.
  • Under normal circumstances, your blog, YouTube or Instagram channel needs to have been up and running for at least six months.
  • The content of your account must be thematically related to the trade fair and target the product groups covered by the Spielwarenmesse®.
  • You must publish items using text, photos and/or film on a regular basis, i.e. at least once a month, and they must be relevant to the trade fair’s target groups.
  • In addition, you need to provide proof of certain metrics such as page impressions, unique visitors or length of visits using screenshots from the past six months.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of approved individuals per blog/social media site.

Accreditation will not be awarded to:

  • Individuals who are active on social media solely in a private capacity
  • Blogs with a sales channel / shop*
  • PR blogs*

    *see Trade Visitor Registration

Receiving accreditation for previous events does not mean that you automatically qualify for accreditation at the current event. Accreditation is not a legal right.

The accreditation form has to be completed in full and truthfully. Every application will be checked manually by our team. We reserve the right to request further proof of your journalistic activity in line with the abovementioned points. We will let you know whether you meet the accreditation criteria. Your data will only be used for internal purposes and will not be passed on to third parties.

Accreditation conditions for media representatives

Accreditation is possible for journalists who present the following documents as proof of their eligibility as active journalists:

  • Evidence of editorial articles published under your own name (not more than six months old, except articles about Spielwarenmesse® 2020) or
  • A current editorial assignment or
  • A legibly copy of your valid and officially recognised press card from a journalists' association in Germany or abroad (For freelance journalists and new accreditation we kindly ask you to send us in addition another proof of eligibility named above.)

One of the three possible forms of proof must demonstrate a clear link to the industry.

PR- and advertising agencies will only be accredited if they work for one of our exhibitors and have sufficient proof. Legitimation should be submitted in German or English.

Kindly note, that Spielwarenmesse eG reserves the right to conduct further investigations to establish proof of journalistic activities.

To our accreditation guideline.

Your contact:

Lena Paulus, Media Manager

+49 911 99813-55


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