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Exhibitors press releases 2020

Beijing Marshmallow Technology Co., Ltd.

MuuHoo Being Invited to Spielwarenmesse 2020

Functioning as a bed
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At invitation, MuuHoo Founder & Designer MA Ning will bring Muuhoo Brand to Spielwarenmesse 2020 which will be held on January 29-February 2, 2020. Spielwarenmesse 2020 is the world’s largest toy fair as it attracts approximately 2,900 exhibitors from 68 countries to exhibit about 120,000 toy innovations at the 170,000 m² exhibition center. 
As an innovative and patented product in the maternal and child industry, MuuHoo Kids Luggage has received the industry recognition at home and abroad with its attractive appearance and new functions. This will be the first showcase of Muuhoo in the Europ  ean market.
MuuHoo is a ride-on, sleep-on and carry-on luggage case developed for kids by Beijing Marshmallow Technology Co., Ltd.
MuuHoo Kids Luggage can be transformed into a bed on a plane or high-speed train, enabling the kids to have a comfortable sleep and releasing the moms’ hands during the travel. With MuuHoo on a trip, both the parents and the kids could have a good rest.
It’s also a riding toy. Riding the luggage case releases the hands of parents.
Functioning as a case with a capacity of 20L.
In January 2019, MuuHoo Kids Luggage was successfully launched as the first convenient travel product of MuuHoo. At the end of 2019, a total of 25,840 MuuHoo luggage cases had been sold. Now, it has become a popular kids’ luggage brand on domestic and foreign social platforms, such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Facebook, Instagram, etc. MuuHoo has been sold to a dozen of countries and regions, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine, Brazil, etc.  
MuuHoo Kids Luggage has been granted the Practical New-Type Patent, which is protected simultaneously in 148 countries thanks to the PCT. MuuHoo Kids Luggage has also been granted the design patent in China, USA, EU, Australia, Japan and certified by SGS as non-toxic (international standard).
MuuHoo Kids Luggage has won numerous industry honors. In July 2019, MuuHoo Kids Luggage made its appearance at 2019 CBME and was invited for the opening show. At the exhibition, MuuHoo was also nominated for CBME appearance award and innovation award.  
At the upcoming Spielwarenmesse 2020, MuuHoo will attract more attention and recognition from overseas maternal and child markets. Stay tuned for more! 



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