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Exhibitors press releases 2020

Revell GmbH

Take to the skies with Revell Control!

Bünde, January 2020 Superior quality technology and tons of airborne fun! The remote control quadrocopters and helicopters by Revell Control promise super action for beginners and pros alike. Innovative functionality, creative game mechanisms and sophisticated technology ensure there’s plenty of fun for all aviation fans.
Helicopter Interceptor soars into the sky. This sophisticated silver bird with orange highlights is fitted with a smart anti-collision sensor to make flying even safer. The IR sensor identifies obstacles in its flightpath and initiates evasive measures, while the automatic altitude control simplifies control tasks. At the push of a button the helicopter can be made to rise and stabilize its altitude until it receives further commands, so it’s ideal for beginners and proficient pilots aged 8 and up. A USB charger lead is included for mobile links to laptops and power banks. With a range of up to 50 meters there are almost no limits to your indoor or outdoor fun.
Experienced helicopter pilots love flying with the 2-channel Helicopter Flash. Pilots only need to toggle for height, left and right, since Flash flies straight ahead automatically. Flash has a coaxial rotor system and an electronic gyro, for an inexpensive chance to get airborne between major flights. Charging is done via the IR remote control set included in the box.
The popular Quadrocopter Go! Stunt and Quadrocopter Go! Video product family is now being expanded to include Quadrocopter Go! Video Pro. The built-in 720p HD camera provides quality stills and videos. A wireless link between the quadrocopter and the pilot’s smartphone allows live airborne video images to be transmitted to a smartphone attached to the controls. On top of some great airborne images, pilots also enjoy a first-person view (FPV) of the action. Apprentice pilots can shoot stills and videos overhead with the quadrocopter by using an additional function built in for beginners. An automatic take-off and landing option allows the copter to soar at the push of a button – and to maintain a constant height and position until the controls are touched. For spectacular videos showing the world from a completely different perspective there’s also the flip function, Headless mode, and three speed settings to facilitate perfect control. The extra-large Li-Po battery guarantees 20 minutes of flying time.
In May, the Mini-Quadrocopter Fizz takes off on a journey through all kinds of living rooms and gardens. Measuring just 8.5cm down the side, this compact copter can perform the coolest maneuvers in the tightest spaces. Three speed settings allow it to be set up perfectly for all room dimensions and skill levels – and perform fantastic stunts thanks to the flip function, all at the press of a button. ‘Headless Mode’ ensures the mini-copter is particularly suitable for beginners. LED lights make this stylish red bird a real eye-catcher that’s easily identified, even at night. Up to 6 minutes of aerobatics can be enjoyed before the 3.7 V – 180 mAh Li-Po battery takes a quick 35-minute recharging break.
Revell Quadrocopter ICON is a genuine outdoor highlight with some super innovative flying abilities, plus lots of technical features, including photo and video functions. Quadrocopter ICON is a great companion on exciting missions for photographers age 14 and upwards, producing perfect airborne mementos in 720p HD quality. The free app offers a whole range of practical applications and cool features. ‘Optical Flow’ is a useful function that fixes ICON in precisely the same position in the air. It gives the pilot the opportunity to activate other innovative built-in functions, such as facial recognition, enabling the drone to follow the face flagged in the app, so the pilot is guaranteed the perfect facial positioning on every picture. As well as making photos and videos at the press of a button, they can also be triggered by the innovative gesture control system. The drone automatically recognizes pre-defined hand movements, and shoots videos or selfies accordingly. Photographers can also predetermine a flightpath for the quadrocopter via the app to ensure they get exactly the shots they want. The pilot simply etches the flight path across the smartphone display and the copter automatically follows the route. The flip function guarantees spectacular videos that can also be triggered via app. Now drone pilots can concentrate completely on their airborne images as the quadrocopter is equipped with automatic altitude control, Headless Mode selection, and three speed options.



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