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Exhibitors press releases 2020

Sieper GmbH

Rescue mission and gangster chase

Scenes worth filming take place in the SIKUWORLD police station: Prison escape and gangster chase.
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New: SIKUWORLD Fire Station and Police Station
For children, fire and police personnel are representatives of what is good. Children love these helpers, who are heroes in uniform: In role-playing, children absorb the situation and imitate the helpers with enthusiasm. With the new SIKUWORLD fire station and police station sets, they become the heroes of their own stories and are equipped perfectly for the operations. And the new Light & Sound module creates scenes in the playroom that are worth filming.
Emergency call to the control centre of the SIKUWORLD fire station: The little local shop is on fire. The fire brigade is ready for action immediately, the roller door is raised, and the brigade vehicle is soon on its way. Nee-naa, nee-naa: The integrated Light & Sound module with flashing LEDs and six different sounds change the playroom into a fire scene. They’ve arrived: The flames are already shooting from the roof. Luckily there’s a hydrant right next to it, with hose and nozzle. Turn on the hose!
The SIKUWORLD fire station is compatible with the other sets in the SIKUWORLD, but it can also be played with on its own. Thanks to the hydrant with hose and nozzle, sliding pole, roller door, satellite system, and windsock, the fire station is equipped in great detail. The helipad on the building roof promises lots of playing fun and a rapid take-off. A fire brigade vehicle and the fire brigade helicopter are already included. And of course, the set can be used to play with the many other siku fire brigade vehicles.
Prison escape in the SIKUWORLD
Prison escape in the SIKUWORLD: The gangsters have used cable attached to a Dodge RAM 1500 to tear out a wall and help their accomplices to flee. The searchlight flares up and the prison yard is brightly lit. The police arrives in a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter with box body, and the officers chase after the gangsters. But the gangsters still manage to escape. In the SIKUWORLD, the Light & Sound module creates a scene worth filming.
The SIKUWORLD police station is compatible with the other sets in the SIKUWORLD, but it can also be played with on its own. Walls with barred windows, a wall for the break-out, cell block, and police recreation and service areas are included. In typical siku style, the three-floor building with a roof terrace is fitted out in detail, with aerial, trap door with secret compartment, ladders, a searchlight with afterglow, a pallet bed in the cell, satellite system, tables and chairs, and a monitoring camera. And of course, you can extend the vehicle fleet with the many police vehicles.
Modular structure sets no limits to creativity
The buildings of the SIKUWORLD police station and the fire station can be assembled by following the clearly illustrated instructions. From the assembly parts, very individualised buildings can be created in L or U form, or the parts can be built up into a multi-storey building. The modular structure and the stability of the push-fit system give children full scope for creativity. Here, the siku push-fit system encourages the child’s motor and cognitive skills through play. The ability to create something without the help of adults also greatly reinforces self-confidence.

SIKUWORLD fire station: in retail from March 2020, RRP EUR 69.99

SIKUWORLD police station: in retail from September 2020, RRP EUR 69.99



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