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Spielwarenmesse eG reveals the trends for 2015 in its TrendGallery: Little Scientists, Express Yourself and Beyond Reality

(Spielwarenmesse eG)
  • TrendGallery presents three promising trends of the international toy industry
  • Spielwarenmesse takes place in Nuremberg from 28 January to 2 February 2015

Trends and new products are the icing on the cake of any fair – and that's especially true of the Spielwarenmesse. But why do trends develop in the first place and how does a mere piece of rubber become a global bestseller? These are the questions that the Spielwarenmesse investigates with its TrendGallery, which showcases the latest developments in the toy industry. An international TrendCommittee researches toy trends around the world. For the Spielwarenmesse 2015, the trend scouts have identified the three trends of Little Scientists, Express Yourself and Beyond Reality.

Little Scientists juggle with numbers and tinker about with new technologies

The term "MINT" does not describe a light green colour or even a breath-freshening throat lozenge; the abbreviation "MINT" stands for mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology – subjects that are unpopular with many students. But the times...they are a-changing. What was boring yesterday is today's hot trend. In particular, toys that bring scientific phenomena alive so that they can be experienced and understood are currently very popular with children. And also parents are becoming ever keener on toys that promote logical and analytical thinking and explain technical relationships. What is particularly important for them is that children are exposed to the natural sciences in a fun way – especially since they can form the basis of a future career. The toy industry has recognized this trend and has developed new products that promote and support knowledge and skills in the MINT subjects.

Express Yourself: discover, understand, and make things – do-it-yourself toys
Children see the world through different eyes than most adults. Every day, they discover things that arouse their curiosity. In order to satisfy this curiosity, they are constantly experimenting. Whether singing, drawing, cooking, craftwork, kneading or programming – children are guided by their desire to create things. Express Yourself describes the processes of self-discovery and self-realization through creativity. This is intended to support the development of these little artists. They cleverly link already acquired knowledge with their own, often playfully acquired, experiences. It is parents in particular who wish to encourage the ingenuity of their charges and prefer toys that train creative skills and allow for individual design opportunities.

Beyond Reality: it's already tomorrow in the nursery of today
Every industry is subject to constant change. New findings provide new technologies, from which, in turn, new trends are born. It is, therefore, no coincidence that more and more trends of the entertainment and electronics sector are currently cropping up in the toy industry. On various screens, for example, two-dimensional drawings suddenly transform themselves into three-dimensional objects, while clothing and accessories also fulfil digital functions thanks to their special technical components. Many children are fascinated by toys that are controlled solely by the smallest gestures and body motion. The new 3D printer has opened up a completely new and individual reality in the toy industry, made possible for the very first time by such technology.

TrendGallery unites trends, innovations and knowledge in Hall 3A
Visitors will find all three trends at Spielwarenmesse's TrendGallery. The special area (over 1,000 m² in size) will present the trends as well as the new products linked to them. Besides live campaigns from the exhibitors, three trend experts – Reyne Rice (USA), Marek Jankowski (Poland) and Gabriela Kaiser (Germany) – will explain the specific growth segments and their products. In order to determine the current global toy trends, Spielwarenmesse eG works with an international TrendCommittee, which reports on the latest industry trends from all around the world. The nine-member TrendCommittee of Spielwarenmesse 2015 includes the following:

  • John Baulch (Editor, Toy World Magazine, UK)
  • Daniele Caroli (Journalist, Giochi & Giocattoli, Italy)
  • Dr Maria Costa (Market Researcher, Toy Research Institute, Spain)
  • Axel Dammler (Market Researcher, iconkids & youth international research GmbH, Germany)
  • Richa Dikshit (Blogger, Toy Tasting, India)
  • Philippe Guinaudeau (Market Researcher, Kidz Global, France/Hong Kong)
  • Marek Jankowski (Journalist, Branza Dziecięca, Poland)
  • Gabriela Kaiser (Trend Consultant, TRENDagentur, Germany)
  • Reyne Rice (Journalist and Trend Expert, USA)

Besides the TrendGallery, Hall 3A will also be home to the winners of the ToyAwards and the Toy Business Forum. All other information on the TrendGallery can be found here: www.spielwarenmesse.de/en/trendgallery

8.1.2015 – sd

Spielwarenmesse, the leading international fair for toys, hobbies and leisure, is organized by the fair and marketing services provider Spielwarenmesse eG. The trade fair creates a comprehensive communication and ordering platform for 2,700 national and international manufacturers. The presentation of new products and the extensive industry overview provide a valuable pool of information for annual market orientation for more than 75,000 buyers and toy traders from over 120 nations.
Fair date: Spielwarenmesse®, Wednesday to Monday, 28 Jan- 2 Feb 2015



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