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Spielwarenmesse eG is expanding its business portfolio as an exhibition and marketing partner

The Spielwarenmesse eG is an exhibition and marketing partner of the global toy industry and other consumer goods markets. The cooperative is known as the organiser of Spielwarenmesse®, the world's largest trade fair for toys and leisure articles. Since 2009 it has strategically expanded its business portfolio. Further specialist trade fairs open up new sales opportunities to manufacturers and dealers on the emerging markets of Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Subsidiaries in China and Turkey ensure the smooth organisation of events on the markets there. In addition, the advertising agency founded in 2014, Die roten Reiter GmbH, offers communications services. To see the newsroom's summary of all the company's news, its events and the toy industry, click here www.spielwarenmesse-eg.de/newsroom.

The Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg was started on the initiative of the toy industry in 1950. After a successful premiere, 46 toy manufacturers founded a cooperative to organise exhibitions on 11 July 1950. This Spielwarenmesse eG has evolved into the world's largest Spielwarenmesse® today. In 2013, the German Patent and Trademark Office vouched for its uniqueness by protecting the word “Spielwarenmesse” as a trademark. Every year in late January, over 2,700 exhibitors and roughly 76,000 trade visitors from all over the world gather in Nuremberg. So that customers can prepare their attendance with the aid of a contact person in their home country, the cooperative has developed an international network of 64 representatives responsible for 94 countries, including Spielwarenmesse Shanghai Co., Ltd. which has handled China since 1 January 2010. Nuremberg-based Spielwarenmesse eG founded the subsidiary to ensure the best possible support for the biggest production location in the toy industry, which is now also steadily gaining importance as a consumer market.

Besides the leading international trade fair, national trade fairs often arise on growth markets, as traders and manufacturers start to expand their business on the domestic market. These events are of interest to companies wishing to enter a new export
 market. With World of Toys by Spielwarenmesse eG, an international trade fair programme for a joint participation of companies at national and international trade fairs has been developed. Companies can establish new business contacts or strengthen existing ones in the World of Toys pavilions at the following fairs: at the Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair and the Kids India in Asia; at Kids Turkey / Toyzeria in the Middle East; and at the Kids Russia in Russia. Multiple services and a personal contact person at Spielwarenmesse eG support firms during the planning stage and on site.

The expertise that the Nuremberg team has in organising toy trade fairs is in demand on many emerging markets. The company has built on this demand to set up various cooperation models on markets that will become strategically important in the future. In Russia, Spielwarenmesse eG has held, since 2008, a major participation in Grand Expo, CJSC (until 2014: RNTA Expo), the organiser of Kids Russia and of Licensing World for the Eastern European market. In Turkey, the cooperative founded the subsidiary Spielwarenmesse Middle East Fuarcılık Ltd. Şon 1 January 2013. The three-person team in Istanbul is also the organizer of Kids Turkey / Toyzeria, which was taken over at the same time. The specialist trade fair in Istanbul is aimed at the Turkish market and the Middle East. The first event that Spielwarenmesse eG organised abroad independently was Kids India in Mumbai. In order to hold the fair, it cooperates with the Indo German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC). As of October 2015, the cooperative will, for the first time, apply its trade fair expertise to another consumer goods market in Germany and host the new stationery exhibition Insights-X. With the specialist trade fair for paper, office and stationery supplies in Nuremberg, it is placing particular emphasis on the manufacturers, buyers and distributors of products for offices, schools and hobbies.

Someone who organises trade fairs is also in the marketing business. To bundle all the communication expertise, Spielwarenmesse eG brought more creative expertise on board in the form of an in-house agency in 2012. It launched successful advertising campaigns and turned the one-week exhibition into a year-round trend platform through a cross-linked offline and online communication campaign. This won the Spielwarenmesse eG the Marketing-Star 2014, the prize awarded by the Marketing Club. The award validated the decision to provide communication services to external clients in the consumer goods and capital goods industry. On 1 April 2014, Spielwarenmesse eG founded its subsidiary Die roten Reiter GmbH, which will offer marketing services.

22.01.2015 – km
Spielwarenmesse eG
Spielwarenmesse eG is the fair organizer and marketing services provider for the toy sector and other consumer goods markets. The Nuremberg company organizes the world-leading Spielwarenmesse® in Nuremberg, Kids India in Mumbai, Kids Turkey / Toyzeria in Istanbul and Insights-X in Nuremberg. The range of services provided by the cooperative also includes industry campaigns and the international fair programme, World of Toys by Spielwarenmesse eG, which enables manufacturers to exhibit in pavilions at trade fairs in Asia and Russia. Spielwarenmesse eG operates a worldwide network of representatives in over 90 countries and two subsidiaries, Spielwarenmesse Shanghai Co., Ltd. with responsibility for the People’s Republic of China, and Spielwarenmesse Middle East Fuarcılık Ltd. Şti., which is responsible for Turkey, the Near East and the Middle East. The cooperative holds a major stake in the Russian exhibition company Grand Expo, which organizes Kids Russia in Moscow. Die roten Reiter GmbH subsidiary with headquarters in Nuremberg works as communication agency for the consumer and capital goods industry. The complete company profile of Spielwarenmesse eG can be seen on the Internet at www.spielwarenmesse-eg.com.

Spielwarenmesse eG                 www.spielwarenmesse-eg.com

Die roten Reiter GmbH                 www.dierotenreiter.com
Spielwarenmesse Middle East Fuarcılık Ltd. Şti.    www.spielwarenmesse.com.tr 
Spielwarenmesse Shanghai Co., Ltd.            www.spielwarenmesse.cn 

Joint Ventures
Grand Expo, CJSC                    www.kidsrussia.ru/en/company

Network of representatives

Own events    
Insights-X – the new stationery expo            www.insights-x.com
Kids India                    www.kidsindia.de 
Spielwarenmesse®                www.spielwarenmesse.com  

International trade fair programme
World of Toys by Spielwarenmesse eG        www.world-of-toys.org  
Kids India                    www.world-of-toys.org/india/kids-india
Kids Russia                    www.world-of-toys.org/russia/kids-russia
Kids Turkey / Toyzeria                www.world-of-toys.org/middle-east/toyzeria
Hongkong Toys & Games               



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