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Spielwarenmesse offers an outlook on toy trends for 2016: Train Your Brain, Everyday Hero and Design to Play

  • Spielwarenmesse’s TrendCommittee identifies pioneering developments of the international toy industry
  • The TrendGallery in Hall 3A showcases the trends for 2016 during the Spielwarenmesse fair held in Nuremberg from 27 January until 1 February 2016

Every year, trade visitors to Nuremberg’s toy fair admire around 75,000 product releases. Many of which offer a glimpse into the future of playing - some are even pioneering for the industry’s future development. Certain trends extend beyond cultural and linguistic borders. To discover trends like these in the ocean of new products is a challenge for retailers and buyers alike. Spielwarenmesse’s trend scouts have once again risen to the occasion and identified three global trends for the toy industry in 2016: Train Your Brain, Everyday Hero and Design to Play. To experience them, visit the TrendGallery in Hall 3A during the toy fair. Exhibitors can register their products starting now. Companies can find more information about how to participate in the TrendGallery at www.spielwarenmesse.de/en/placinginnovations.

Train Your Brain for kids
Children want to understand the world, they want to learn, and they are best suited for this: they are curious, unbiased and enjoy making discoveries. Their most important tool for this is the brain which can be trained just like any muscle. Ideally, in a playful manner. The little ones champion the most demanding challenges by acquiring cognitive skills, but also through free thinking and playing. Toys that train mental fitness, so-called Brain Builders, support this natural process. Whether through tinkering, puzzling or creative play - the Train Your Brain trend creates smart minds. 

Play your way to become an Everyday Hero
Big dreams often start out in childhood and accompany people throughout their entire lives. Everybody dreams of becoming a hero at some point. And that is easier done than one is inclined to think. More and more toys support children in pursuing and implementing their dreams. An idea for a social project, a product or even a company - small everyday heroes are willing to leave a positive footprint on society. These days, they acquire the necessary skills for this, such as social and emotional intelligence, through playing. A Kidpreneur learns at an early stage in life how the world works. Tomorrow, the Kidpreneur may help to make the world a better place.

Design to Play - playing to design
Toys are made for playing. However, more often than not, they should also please the eye. Artists and designers from other industries inspire toy makers. The cross-over between both worlds produces remarkable things: completely new approaches for colours and shapes surprise the viewer. A courageous step which is well worthwhile. Fun play and aesthetics mutually inspire each other, especially the imagination, during play. Design has been a prerogative of the adult world for a long time - now, it can finally conquer the rooms and hearts of children.

TrendGallery – industry showcase
Those wishing to surprise their customers with trends in their assortment, to train their brain, to discover the ideas of everyday heroes for themselves and to independently view the extraordinary composition of new toys have come to the right place - to Spielwarenmesse’s TrendGallery. On around 1,000m² the special show presents the trends for 2016 by showcasing matching product samples and exhibitors’ new products. It is there that you will also find the winners of the ToyAward, and visitors can consolidate their impressions with practical knowledge.
Top-class lecturers explain during specialist presentations held for example at the ToyBusinessForum, how trends are created, how to discover them and to show them in a positive light at the store. They also include some of Spielwarenmesse’s ten-member TrendCommittee who gather insights into trend research from around the world:

  • John Baulch (publisher, Toy World Magazine, UK)
  • Daniele Caroli (journalist, Giochi & Giocattoli, Italy)
  • Dr. Maria Costa (market researcher, Toy Research Institute, Spain)
  • Axel Dammler (market researcher, iconkids & youth international research GmbH, Germany)
  • Richa Dikshit (blogger, Toy Tasting, India)
  • Philippe Guinaudeau (market researcher, Kidz Global, France/ Hong Kong)
  • Marek Jankowski (journalist, Branza Dziecięca, Poland)
  • Gabriela Kaiser (trend consultant, TRENDagentur, Germany)
  • Reyne Rice (journalist and trend expert, USA)
  • Atsuko Tatsumi (President Nippon Toys Service, publisher of Weekly Toy News, Japan)

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Spielwarenmesse, the leading international fair for toys, hobbies and leisure, is organized by the fair and marketing services provider Spielwarenmesse eG. The trade fair creates a comprehensive communication and ordering platform for 2,800 national and international manufacturers. The presentation of new products and the extensive industry overview provide a valuable pool of information for annual market orientation for more than 70,000 buyers and toy traders from over 120 nations.
Fair date: Spielwarenmesse®, Wednesday to Monday, 27 Jan - 1 Feb 2016

Spielwarenmesse Trends 2016 – Examples of Products
Codie Codie Labs Kft., H3A / B-35,
Codie is an interactive robot that teaches children the basics of programming. With the help of the respective app, children as young as 6 can already write movement programmes for Codie via visual controls and exchange their results with other users. The intuitive handling facilitates on-the-go playing; the level of complexity increases automatically, ensuring that the joy of playing stays for a long time.

Smart Egg Goliath Toys GmbH, H 12.0/ H-10, www.goliathgames.nl 
Smart Eggs are the finest in mental acrobatics – fascinating egg-shaped labyrinths with six levels of difficulty. Smart Egg is made up of two parts: the 3D egg and a pin with a head on both ends. The inside of the egg holds the tricky labyrinth with passages and openings through which the pin has to be guided.

Plus-Plus Mini Basic 170 African HCM Kinzel GmbH , H10.0 / I-09, www.hcm-kinzel.de 
Plus-Plus blocks are already very popular in Denmark and Scandinavia - they look like two plus signs glued to each other which can be used to create countless colourful figures and images. Available in different shapes and colours, they boost creativity as well as imagination.

Little Red Riding Hood Smart nv , H3A / H-05, www.smartgames.eu 
Little Red Riding Hood is a mind game for children aged 3-5 which is based on the popular Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. The package comes inclusive of the book. Large, easy to hold puzzle pieces show characters and locations from the tale. Children are given various tasks from the enclosed booklet and have to place the pieces to help Little Red Riding Hood find her way to her grandmother’s home.

TAMABI "Wortaktiv" TAMABI e.U., New Exhibitor Center H3A,
With TAMABI Wortaktiv, children expand and consolidate their vocabulary. The board game, which has something of a parlour character to it, paves the way for learning with all of one’s senses. An integrated and diverse approach entices children to practice their reading and writing skills in a playful manner. "You learn to write by writing" - that is the motto for writing actively, which is the focal point of TAMABI’s Wortaktiv game. It also received the Dyslexia Quality Award.

Rush Hour Shift ThinkFun Inc., H10.0 / I-16, www.thinkfun.com 
Strategy and logic are the name of the Rush Hour Shift game. Two competing players try to free their vehicle faster than their opponent from the traffic gridlock on the board with the help of smart moves. But they have to be fast - because the starting situation changes continually throughout the game. Manoeuvre your car into a pole position or block the opponent? A quick mind is called for.

My Fairy Garden Megableu International, H10.1 / D-13,
The My Fairy Garden Sets (Fairy Garden, Lilypad Gardens, Fairy Flowerpot, Secret Fairy Door and Woodland Fairy Door) teach children to grow their own plants while they learn more about the different seasons and nature’s lifecycle. Every set also contains a fairy house, a fairy figure and its small animal helper, a book with information about fairies, pixie dust and other accessories.

Job Blocks Miniland S.A, H5 / B-02,
The Job Blocks figures allow children to learn about professions and their respective typical attire as well as the workplaces. Children learn about the relevance of work in our society and are simultaneously encouraged to develop their own professional goals for the future. All parts are compatible and can be combined with each other to continually create new characters.

Clip it Clip It, H 3A / A-32, www.clip-it.fr
Upcycling is the principle of Clip it: Clips help to turn the lids of plastic bottles found in any household into colourful, creative figures. The Clips are also made of plastic lids. The game is composed of 90% upcycled materials and not only boosts creativity but also teaches children to give our environment and product cycles some thought.

Feeling Friends Edushape, H12.0 / E-02,
Feelings are not always easy to wrap into words. The Feeling Friends adopt different facial expressions and help children to communicate their own feelings and to recognise those of others. Feeling Friends also includes an information brochure for adults about a child’s socio-emotional development as well as cards which connect facial expressions with the designation of the respective emotions.

Hörbert – the wooden audio player WINZKI GmbH & Co. KG, H 3A / B-02,
hörbert is the first MP3 player made of wood that is suitable for children. Its innovative controls are made of 9 differently coloured buttons that allow the user to skip through 9 playlists. This means that no display is necessary. Parents record music and audio dramas with the supplied software onto a memory card. hörbert is made of non-toxic materials and wood from sustainable forestation and is shipped with a neutral carbon footprint.

Monochrome meets Rainbow Colour Grimm’s GmbH, H 3A / E-03
, www.grimms.eu 
Grimm’s new kit combines classic rainbow colours with a neutral, monochrome colour scheme. Its modern functionality and objectivity focus on an analytical linear effect. This results in new exciting worlds of play. High-contrast hues and textured surfaces also motivate children who are visually strongly impaired, to take a look.

The Kiddimoto London Bus Kiddumoto Ltd., Hall7 / C-20, www.kiddimito.co.uk 
The red wooden bus emulates the famous London busses and brings a touch of retro into the children’s room. It supports children with learning how to walk and offers sufficient space for them to take their favourite toys along with them on their exploration tours.

Submarine Spray Station Yookidoo, H2 / B 0-2, www.yookido.com 
Playing and washing go hand in hand with the Submarine Spray Station. The battery-driven water-pumping system is designed for small hands. Children lose their fear of water through play while training their eye-hand coordination. Surprising chain reactions help them to comprehend the principle of cause and effect while fine-tuning their motor skills even further.

D-bike mini concept model Ides, H7 / C-08, www.idesnet.co.jp
Children as of the age of 1 train their motor skills with this equipment. The two front wheels carry the weight of children only just learning how to walk and also make the bike particularly safe. The D-bike mini received several design awards in Japan.



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