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Spielwarenmesse unveils the Trends for 2018: Explore Nature, Team Spirit and Just for Fun

  • The Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee provides a glimpse of 2018
  • TrendGallery – a source of inspiration for new products

Everybody wants to know what will take the toy world by storm in 2018. The international TrendCommittee initiated by Spielwarenmesse eG has identified the following three trends for the coming year: Explore Nature, Team Spirit and Just for Fun. Covering an area of around 1,000m², the TrendGallery at the Spielwarenmesse, which is scheduled to run in Nuremberg from 31 January to 4 February 2018, brings the trends to life, offering trade visitors the chance to experience them at first hand along with products that reflect them.

Explore Nature – discovering the world of flora and fauna

Computers, smartphones and television have become an integral part of children’s free time, with less attention being paid to nature. And yet, there is so much to explore right on our doorstep. The “Explore Nature” trend brings children closer to nature, encouraging them to step outside and discover it in all its glory. Products that fall within this trend include magnifying glasses and binoculars that send children on expeditions, or planting sets that turn them into little gardeners.

Team Spirit – Striding towards victory together
Cooperation, social interaction and flexibility – team spirit is playing an ever more important role in all aspects of society and among all age groups. Products reflecting “Team Spirit” are all about solving problems together. In doing so, communication is key, as is dealing with the opinions of others and reaching compromise. Victory is only possible within the group.

Just for Fun – Games with a fun factor
Playing has to incorporate one important aspect: it has got to be fun. Learning is a natural part of play and does not always have to be at the forefront. The “Just for Fun” trend places the emphasis on fun and on playing as an end in itself. Products that encapsulate this trend often have simple rules and, with a little imagination, can easily be adapted and modified. Played in a group or alone, they are usually spontaneous and quick to play. At the same time, skill and dexterity are often required.

Exploring innovations in the TrendGallery
The TrendGallery in Hall 3A is the perfect place to discover the trends and innovations emerging in the toy industry. Trade visitors can come here to experience the trends for 2018, which are presented together with products associated with them. Also featured in this 1,000m² space are the innovations and winners of the ToyAwards. In addition, valuable and insightful knowledge about trade and industry is neatly packaged in the special presentations at the Toy Business Forum, which spotlights a different overarching theme every day.

A detailed overview of events is available from November at www.spielwarenmesse.de/en/toybusinessforum.

Further information on the highlights and innovations at the Spielwarenmesse can be found at www.spielwarenmesse.de/en/highlights.

The members of the Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee at a glance:
John Baulch (Publisher and Managing Editor, Toy World Magazine, UK)
Daniele Caroli (Journalist, Il Giornale dell’Infanzia, Italy)
Dr. Maria Costa (Market Researcher, Toy Research Institute, Spain)
Axel Dammler (Market Researcher, iconkids & youth international research GmbH, Germany)
Richa Dikshit (Blogger, Toy Tasting, India)
Philippe Guinaudeau (Market Researcher, Kidz Global, France)
Marek Jankowski (Journalist, Branza Dziecieca, Poland)
Gabriela Kaiser (Trend Consultant, TRENDagentur, Germany)
Reyne Rice (Journalist and Trend Expert, USA)
Jane Wong (Journalist, TOY INDUSTRY, China)

Exhibitors at the Spielwarenmesse can now apply for their related products to appear in one of the three trends - Explore Nature, Team Spirit or Just for Fun. Further information on participating in the TrendGallery is available to companies at www.spielwarenmesse.de/en/trendgallery-application.

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