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CUBES.ART Chess Innovations e.U.

Chess Junior - winning over children's hearts!

Chess Sets for Kids from CUBES.ART, Series ‘Chess Junior’
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Chess Junior is the kid-friendly version of the classic strategic board game that everyone knows and loves. It was developed in order to help adults teach kids first steps how to play chess in a fun and laid-back way.  

With haptically designed game components, such as a sturdy game board made of 9 large robust puzzle pieces and wooden playing figures with chess symbols, even younger children can easily transfer the simplified starting positions from the instructions onto the board and start playing.

The parent-child tutorial with explanations of 12 mini-games complements this set and makes it the ideal preparation game for chess. 
Why mini-games?

At the beginning (when playing with all 16 chess pieces), children do not know exactly which piece to move and which goal to pursue. This can lead to a loss of interest in the game of chess. Mini-games are simplified chess situations with short playing times. At the beginning both players play with
only a few pieces.  The Chess Junior-learning objectives are the rules of movement for the chess pieces, attack and  counter-attack, cover, double attack, as well as stalemate and checkmate.

More infos about Chess Junior at www.chess-junior.com

Hall 3A, Booth C-34

CUBES.ART Chess Innovations, January 2019



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