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GamesOnTrack A/S

GamesOnTrack® announces a complete offering for positioning and controlling of N scale model trains

The small Battery sender kit for N- Go set.
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GamesOnTrack now adds a complete N scale control set called GT-Position N Go to last year’s announcement of the small flat 5x5x2 MUST transmitter. With new small components, such as the new N Scale battery-driven container senders, this set allows you to drive all combinations of trains with normal DCC decoder or trains with DCC by radio. Due to the limited space for new components in N locos, small battery kits have been developed as well, allowing customers to add position capability to simple wagons using USB chargeable Lipo batteries. The system is truly beneficial for N scale, as it saves most of the layout wires using the position system and our radio-based turnout decoder with 4 LED outputs for signals. Using small battery kits and containers, the setup of your N system has never been easier. Most of our customers prefer to operate their layouts with our powerful GT-Command tool with its true graphics and positioning capabilities. Within a 10 mm range, the N trains are positioned extremely precise on the layout and mapped to the screen. Position transmitters in wagons are automatically calculating the front position of the train set. In order to save the expensive DCC controller, we can power the layout with our competitive DCC booster so that they can drive both standard digital trains with decoder and transform analog locos into digital locos with our combined sender/decoder. As an alternative to changing batteries in kits and containers, we have added a USB-connector in the bottom allowing charging of wagons or containers with a simple USB charger. It can then run more than 10 hours depending on the Lipo battery size.
The GT-Position Go-kit consists of:
-          GT-Command SW
-          Radiomaster GT-Xconnect
-          3 Dynamic satellites for positioning
-          1 battery kit to be used for calibration and trainset position for DCC locos
-          1 Sender/decoder to be used for analog trains
-          1 DCC-booster to booster the layout
-          1 Turnout controller for 2 turnouts by radio




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