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GamesOnTrack A/S

GamesOnTrack® announces new GT-Xconnect 4 as USB Dongle with full radio support

GT-Xconnect V4 USB-radio control
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GT-Xconnect is the ‘communication heart’ of our positioning and control system for all hobby purposes. The new GT-Xconnect V4 is simply a USB dongle with a radio antenna to be inserted in the PC USB port. It controls the entire layout with cars, trains, drones, signals, and turnouts on top of the powerful positioning system. The customers’ benefit is a less expensive and simpler setup. GT-Xconnect 4 uses radio for all units. Having no interface to LocoNet or DCC centrals, the purpose is to reduce communication wires on the layout even further.
Traditional layouts use DCC decoders and LocoNet Modules to handle all types of devices. They are set up through the digital central and digital addresses specified by the customer. In GOT, all units have their unique radio addresses which are automatically registered and preconfigured in GT-Command as soon as the units are turned on. All that is taken care of in the GT-Xconnect 4 as well. In this way, you can still use the current GT-Xconnect 2 for all layouts and various other networks, and you can use GT-Xconnect 4 if everything is radio-based. Radio-based systems are:
·         Track G scale and Garden layouts with positioning, DCC by radio, or battery support
·         Freely moving cars controlled by Arduinos and position control
·         Faller’s Car System Digital® with position control where you only use radio-based units
·         H0 model train layouts with positioning, and all devices, trains, and cars using radio control.
·         N model train layouts with positioning and all trains and devices using radio control
·         Drone positioning and control with indoor flying drones.
GT-Xconnect 4 will be in stock from Q2 2019.



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