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MOLUK - Design for Kids

TOY TREND 2019: Ready, Steady, Play with Bilibo® – Healthier and Smarter Through Play!

Balance with Bilibo
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The International Trend Committee of the Nuremberg Toy Fair has once again identified the three most important trends for this coming year. One of them is Ready, Steady, Play! - Toys that combine exercise with fun.

Learning through Movement
Toys that engage the whole body and encourage children to get moving are vitally important in an increasingly digital world where kids remain glued to screens for most of the day. Scientists have long concluded that active, self-directed play is essential for a healthy physical and mental development of children. Playing outdoors with water, sand or snow awakens and sharpens the senses. Activities such as balancing, swinging and spinning train motor skills and coordination, but they also stimulate the vestibular system, which has a direct impact on the child’s learning abilities. Therefore, active open-ended play is not only fun it also makes kids smarter.

All MOLUK toys encourage active play, they stimulate the senses and leave room for the imagination. None, however, unites all these aspects more comprehensively than Bilibo which was selected by the TrendCommittee for the presentation of Ready, Steady, Play! 
On the market since 2001, Bilibo is more relevant today than ever. Around the world, the iconic shell with two eyes is found in kindergartens and nurseries. Physiotherapists use Bilibo to train balance and motor development. In Japan, a Pilates program for children was specially developed with Bilibo as the main prop.
First and foremost, however, Bilibo is about having fun. While average adults might scratch their heads wondering what to do with an oversized salad bowl, children are magically attracted by Bilibo and come up with ever new game ideas and uses for the shell. It transforms into a racing car, a doll’s cradle, or a ship in the storm. Bilibo empowers children to become authors of their games instead of consuming ready made ideas, and without even noticing, they train not only their body but also their brain.

Awards and Museum Exhibitions
Bilibo is highly acclaimed by child development specialists and has received numerous international awards such as spiel gut® in Germany, the Good Toy Award in Japan and the Preschool Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award in the USA. It was included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Design in Zurich as well as the Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris and even featured in the exhibition “Century of the Child” at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Sustainable Fun
Last but not least, Bilibo has an excellent ecological track record. The shell is made of fully recyclable HD-PE (the same material as milk bottles) and is extremely durable. Bilibo grows with the kids, offering new play possibilities as they get older. The resources and energy it takes to produce a toy always stand in relation to the play value and years of use you get out of it. In this regard, Bilibo can easily compete with the best wooden toys.

Bilibo is available in eight bright colors as well as in elegant black and white editions for around 30 euros.
For further information please visit www.moluk.com



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