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Lapaloma GmbH

World Novelty! The incredible Party Blower Crown / Trötenkrone

The Party Blower Crown - check out this all new, award winning party headwear!
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Celebrate Yourself!
Our motto is quite simple: Life is a party and you are invited! That‘s why we developed the Party Blower Crown. It is the ultimate combination of a party crown and a pipe instrument. Sounds complicated, but it‘s really not: just put it on, blow in and party. The Party Blower Crown’s spikes contain small flutes that create a powerful sound as soon as you blow into the mouthpiece. Finally you can cheer and celebrate while your hands remain free for more important things - for example a cold drink. The Party Blower Crown is the brand new must-have accessory for all parties, birthdays, stag nights, sports events and carnival parades.
Sounds like fun! 
The Party Blower Crown is available in almost every color imaginable and can also be easily printed with logos or other designs. It was awarded the BEST INNOVATION AWARD 17/18 at the Hamburg Merchandising Fair. We offer the Party Blower Crown in three different materials. A smaller version for children is also available. For more information and pictures visit us at www.troetenkrone.com   
Lapaloma is a small start-up company run by Malte Timm (38), Leif Krüger (38) and Helge Hummel (39).The three guys from northern Germany have spent most of their working lives in the advertising business. „We are a Team of entrepreneurs who share a simple vision: To turn our creativity into innovative products and services that people truly enjoy. Our team is an unique mix of people from various professional backgrounds. Together we operate as a multidisciplinary think tank. We believe in relinking creativity with business strategy. We express innovation and creativity not only in our products, but also in the production process and in marketing.“ Malte Timm was born in Tübingen, Germany. After earning a degree in communications design, he worked for big brands as an Art Director before becoming a freelance Creative Director.Leif Krüger was born in Kiel, Germany. He first studied special education, then moved to a trading company as a key account manager and studied economics at the same time. Later, he was a project manager in an advertising agency.Helge Hummel was born in Hamburg, Germany. He has been working as an advertising copywriter and Creative Director for almost 15 years before joining Malte and Leif on their quest to creating the ultimate fan accessory.For more information and pictures visit us at www.lapaloma.de or feel free to give us a call. 



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