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Corolle - A French success story

Corolle - A French success story
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Corolle, the French doll manufacturer based in Langeais in the Loire
Valley, has been part of the Simba Dickie Group since 2018.
In France, the Corolle brand, which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this
year, is by far the number one when it comes to dolls. The in-house
creative department is permanently occupied with the latest fashion
trends. Quality is the top priority in all aspects during the development
phase. The dolls are pleasantly soft, cuddly and also have a uniquely
delicate scent of vanilla, for which the brand has been famed in France
for generations.
Thanks to its extensive product range and categorisation into individual
doll series, Corolle is able to offer children the right doll and matching
accessories for every phase of their development.
The “Mon Doudou Corolle” line accompanies children from day one
with cuddly soft-bodied dolls. While the dolls of the “Mon premier
poupon Corolle” line for children aged nine months and over are still
carried by doll’s mums, the dolls of the “Ma grand poupon Corolle” line
for children aged two years and over can already sit properly thanks to a
weight inside the doll’s body. An internal mechanism ensures the doll’s
eyes close when the doll’s mums put their youngsters to bed.
The “Ma Corolle” line is recommended for children aged four years and
over. The long, shiny hair of the dolls can be combed and styled. Thanks
to 70 different outfits and accessories, young girls also have the
opportunity to dress and change the doll’s look over and over again
using the mix-and-match principle. The dolls’ outfits from the “Ma
chérie création Corolle” line for children aged five years and over are
individually styled with sequins or bows. This is where creative design
and playing with dolls meet. Corolle allows children to bring their
dreams to life and encourages them to let their imagination run wild.



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