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BIG Bobby Car Neo - The classic toy in a new design

BIG Bobby Car Neo The classic toy in a new design
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BIG presents a new generation of its bright red classic toy: the BIG
Bobby Car Neo. The facelift of this legendary children’s ride-on strikingly
positions its familiar emblem, the BIG buffalo, at the heart of the
unique, revolutionary new design. The black head of the buffalo, a
symbol of the robustness and strength of all BIG products, is
emblazoned on the factory printed radiator grill in a stylised way.
The chassis has been completely overhauled and shaped according to its
real-life prototypes. An ergonomic seat with non-slip surface guarantees
the highest level of comfort possible. The popular safety knee recess has
been retained so that even older children can take the car for a spin.
The rear lights also shine in the shape of stylised buffalo horns. They are
now, for the first time, attached to the body as an additional plastic
A fully moulded, high-performance steering wheel ensures an excellent
look and feel. Maximum riding fun is guaranteed by the butter-smooth
steering that delivers a small turning circle. This model is supplied as
standard with high-quality, abrasion-resistant whisper wheels with BIG
buffalo branding. They are incredibly quiet on hard floors and also
provide extra grip on the floor. The brand-new, 3-piece closed rims not
only look the part, they are also easy to clean. A towing device at the
front beneath the radiator grill and a trailer coupling at the rear allow
the attachment of Bobby Car accessories as well as the use of all
standard BIG Bobby Car trailers.
In addition to the red classic version of the new ride-on for children
aged 12 months and over, BIG also offers two colour variants: a trendy
version and a sporty version. The pink version with green accents is very
hip, while the version in blue/orange is sporty cool.
The BIG Bobby Car Neo is revolutionary in its design and unbeatable
when it comes to quality. It is manufactured using durable and
environmentally-friendly plastic materials at the state-of-the-art BIG
factory in Germany.



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