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Micki Leksaker AB

Pippi Longstocking with partners raise money in global campaign to support girls in flight

Pippi Talking Doll
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This year marks the 75th anniversary of the first published book about Pippi Longstocking. In order to address this jubilee, The Astrid Lindgren Company with partners are launching the global campaign “Pippi of Today”, a collaboration to create awareness and raise money for Save the Children’s work for girls on the move.
75 years ago, Pippi Longstocking, the strongest girl in the world, came all alone to a completely new city, in the first book about Pippi, written by Astrid Lindgren. Today, millions of girls are forced to leave their homes and move, not only to new cities, but also to new countries. In order to tackle the challenges and find a way towards a brighter future, strength, courage and hope is needed. With the “Pippi of Today”-campaign, The Astrid Lindgren Company with partners wants to support Save the Children’s work and give these girls the possibility of a brighter future.
Olle Nyman, CEO, Astrid Lindgren Company, says: “In a world with ever stronger currents of nationalism and xenophobia, we want to highlight our shared responsibility for all children and demonstrate their strength and potential. With the help of Pippi, we want to support the girls who need it most, while also making their voices heard. Save the Children's activities aim to support them, while Pippi serves as an inspiring role model that gives them strength and hope, says Olle Nyman at Astrid Lindgren AB.”
Micki Leksaker, one of the leading lincense holders in the Nordic for Pippi Longstocking products feels that it is very important to participate in the campaign. In order to raise money Micki has produced a new Pippi product – a talking Pippi doll when sold, donates 10SEK per doll directly to Save the Children.
“ For 75 years, we’ve seen how our toys stimulate a child’s eagerness to play and learn. Children have an incredible ability to recover in spite of the tough things they go through, as long as they have the chance to be children, and this is where play is extremely important. Our vision is happy, playful children in a safe world. Social commitment has been part of our business for many years. We know we’re able to make a difference,” says CEO Jonas Aronsson for Micki Leksaker AB.
About Astrid Lindgren Company
Astrid Lindgren’s children and grandchildren own The Astrid Lindgren Company. There are currently 17 people employed by the company, most of whom are experts in different fields of copyright. They are based in Lidingö, just outside of Stockholm, but our work covers the globe. The foundation on which their work is built is the love of Astrid Lindgren and her work. They are convinced that the world needs Astrid Lindgren - perhaps now more than ever before.
About Micki Leksaker AB
In 1944, the family-owned company Micki Leksaker was founded in Småland Gemla. Today, in addition to Micki classic wooden toys, Micki offers many lovely brands including Pippi, Skrållan and Lundby. Throughout the years, Micki Leksaker with their 60 employees have devoted great care to produce environmental safe, high quality toys, which they hope will create playfulness for both parents and children.



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