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Legler oHG small foot company

Developing "Champions": small foot Highlights for the 2020 Market

Even during the Spielwarenmesse toy trade fair last year, the wooden toys specialists from the Legler trading firm caused a sensation with their placement among the first three places for the Toy Award. The internal reform process, which has been implemented in recent years (Das Spielzeug 9/2019) is now bearing even more fruit: In the context of their new product campaign, the pros from Delmenhorst now present their "Category Champions" - highly polished wooden toy highlights from their own development team. We had the chance to ask Managing Director André Eichinger some more detailed questions about his concept.

DS: Hello, Mr. Eichinger. What are "Category Champions"?

AE: That's what we call the products which arise from our own development process: from the design through the sales all the way to the product management, all departments have a hand in it - they've researched the market and developed targeted top products for certain categories.

DS: How can one imagine this concept? How did you conduct market research?

AE: Very precisely. We didn't just read studies and evaluate surveys - we specifically researched end customer demands and opinions. The information is there; you just have to find it and make the right calls. Here's some insider info for you: as an example, many customers said that they wished our balance bikes had a bell and a basket for the handlebars so the kids can take their favourite stuffed toys with them. We understood that - and implemented it immediately!

DS: Isn't that an unbelievable amount of work for just one product?

AE: Not when the outcome is developing a product that children want to have. It's for that very reason why we call these new highlights the "Category Champions": they're simply the ultimate toys in each toy category

DS: For example?

AE: I've got a few, if you'd like! You'll find the first one in our new trend catalogue which should be available just in time for the trade fair. There you'll find the new "Whale" and "Elephant" Baby Walkers - pedagogically sound and sustainably planned, a loving and modern design, and very durable. With these products, we're moving to the position of market leader in our segment. Some more examples are our modular play kitchens and play stores, or the balance bikes we talked about before...And there's yet another Legler plus: we offer comparable high quality that costs less, and we want to continue producing affordable toys. 

DS: What else is going on in the company Legler? Last year, sustainability was your big theme.

AE: Oh, it still is - and it will remain so. The cross-department Sustainability Task Force made it their job, put all processes to the test and can already demonstrate some successes. It will take some time to become truly sustainable, just like in the product development. We'll be much further towards that goal by the end of the year 2020. 

DS: Then I have to ask, of course... What can we expect from the Legler brand small foot for 2020?

AE: Lots! All Category Champions are small foot brand products. Beyond that, we'll be initiating a communications campaign directed towards end customers that will raise brand awareness and support our commercial customers in their sales: social media campaigns on Instagram and similar sites, as well as selected blogger cooperations and what we started with the brand website, www.small-foot.de... The bottom line is that we're very much looking forward to 2020!



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