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Revell GmbH

Revell Junior Kits for budding mechanics

Bünde, January 2020 – Revell’s Junior Kits have been thrilling young mechanics of 4 years and up ever since they were launched in 2016. Instead of just unboxing and playing, auto-loving kids have the chance to delve into the toolbox. The innovative, patented system (EU patent EP3 081275) for hobby mechanics offers glue-free, easy-build kits that introduce children to the joys of model making. The perennially popular themes of these Junior Kits, such as fire-fighters, police and stylish racing cars, ensure kids’ bedrooms are always a hive of activity.
Build a complete police precinct! Model makers of 4 years upwards can now look forward to the big Revell Junior Kit Play Set ‘Police’. Build, tinker, tune and play! The 90-piece kit is simple to assemble and provides police trainees with their very own station – featuring an interview room, garage, office and, of course, a cell for the bad guys. It also includes a cop and a crook. There’s a cop car with lights and sound effects and a striking red motorbike for exciting all-action chases. Once the bad guy is back behind bars, it’s still important to be vigilant. Some prisoners even manage to break out through barred windows. The police station is fully equipped with handcuffs, a desk, filing cabinet and office chair. It’s so big, it even has its own landing pad, so the Revell Junior Kit Police Helicopter always has a place to call home.
Revell Junior Kit is now taking off into the skies. The new ‘Revell Junior Kit Police Helicopter’ means the hunt for criminals can now also be conducted from above, and it’s another chance for hobby copter pilots and budding mechanics age 4 and over to build their own duty helicopter with the patented 51-piece screw-together system. The faithfully detailed structure with the police livery is the spitting image of the full-size original, and there’s also a figure in a police pilot’s uniform. The extreme gaming authenticity is highlighted by the moving rotor blades, sliding side door, the opening rear loading door and the cable winch, ready to catch every criminal.
Build and bolt, play and control – remotely. Duty demands all young heroes take to the helm of the RC Action series ‘Junior Kit Fire Ladder Truck’! All kids love fire engines and these vehicles are perfect for the task. First, the 60-piece model is assembled with the patented screw-together system. Kids love seeing how their vehicular dreams slowly take shape. Then it’s time for every junior fire fighter – boys and girls – to go into action! The red remote-control fire engine rushes to the scene. The steering-wheel-shaped controls are fun and easy to use for kids. The extendable turntable ladder means fires can be extinguished in all directions. No fire engine would be perfect without a siren – in this case set off by a button on the remote-control handset. Those with other Junior Kit models can combine the RC module from this set with the fire truck and the garbage truck.
Let the kids choose with the ‘Revell Junior Kit 1+1 Action Set’. The kit includes a great-looking fire engine and a powerful garbage truck that growl up and down the streets. Once the children have assembled the vehicles with the patented screw-together system, they get to choose which to drive remotely and which to play with conventionally. By releasing just two screws with the child-friendly screwdriver included in the kit, the bodywork can be swapped onto the remote-controlled chassis – and off we go. In the meantime, the other truck can explore the room by hand. There’s also a choice of sounds with the latest trucks: The garbage truck emits warning beeps to keep pedestrians safe, while the fire engine announces its arrival with a siren.
The 53-piece “Revell Junior Kit Big Offroader’ is a mountain of muscle. This mighty truck can be put together by junior outdoor fans of 4 years and older – all by themselves. The patented screw-together system and the screwdriver that comes with the kit are easy to use and encourage the development of motoric skills. Once the 30cm offroader has been completed it’s time for all kinds of high-speed action in the garden, in the sandpit, anywhere. The super-size tires are genuine eye-catchers, and enable speedy progress on all kinds of terrain.
Junior racing drivers will love the ‘Revell Junior Kit Racing Car’. After the bedroom has been converted into a car workshop, the 47-piece kit is assembled to produce a truly sophisticated racing car. Like all the toys in the Revell Junior Kit line, this racer is also built using the patented screw-together system. Then it’s foot-to-the-floor time! The slick green racing car bearing the no.25 leaves rivals staring down its exhaust pipes in every race.
Drivers are you ready? Go! Pull it back – and the Revell Junior Kit racing car is off like a flash! First the car is assembled with the Junior Kit screw-together system, then the pull-back friction motor provides the power for some ultra-lively head-to-heads. The accompanying tuning parts enable the junior racers to pimp their dream rides at will. There are four pull-back friction motor cars in total: The ‘Revell Junior Kit Rally Car – Red’ thrills everyone with its bright red bodywork and Team Turbo prints for a fantastic start to every junior racing career. Once the 36 parts have been assembled, it’s time to take the race to the starting line. In contrast, the ‘Revell Junior Kit Rally Car – Blue impresses with a classic blue paint job and white racing stripes. The rally’s no. 27 car is a serious title contender as it roars away at the start. Rally Car – Blue is a simply assembled 36-piece kit. Then there’s the perfect car for lovers of head-turning racing beauties. The ‘Revell Junior Kit Racing Car – Orange’ is a glowing speed machine with black highlights and is almost impossible to stop. Air dams and rear spoilers maximize the incredible racing power output, and the in-house pit crew soon have this magnificent 38-piece kit car put together. The ‘Revell Junior Kit Racing Car – Red’ is another shining star. The bright red rocket is 24 cm in length and a hot favorite for all bedroom racing championships.



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