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PLAYMOBIL enters a new franchise era

World premiere for the PLAYMOBIL EverDreamerz
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The Brandstätter Group presents itself with a new content strategy in 2020 / New digital formats and business partnerships expand the brand experience for consumers
Nuremberg, 28.01.2020 – The Brandstätter corporate group is looking back on a challenging year. The total turnover of the Group, which also includes the brand LECHUZA, amounts to around 742 million Euros – with 70 per cent of the turnover coming from international markets abroad.
Thus, at the beginning of the year, the company is presenting itself at a stable level that is the same as the previous year – but albeit, with a sales decline of around one per cent, it remains clearly below expectations. With the PLAYMOBIL brand, the Group achieved worldwide turnover of 676 million euros in 2019. “We are not satisfied with this. The goals we set ourselves were much higher due to the great potential of the PLAYMOBIL brand – both geographically as well as in terms of our target groups,” says CEO Steffen Höpfner.
Consequently, the Group aims to pave the road for the future in 2020 – by developing new offers and themes that make PLAYMOBIL a long-term companion for consumers and customers. The innovations include classic play themes, new digital offers and license themes. Particular focus is placed on the company’s original themes Novelmore and EverDreamerz, which offer a multi-faceted play experience – along with many new possibilities for business partners.
PLAYMOBIL is becoming a franchise brand
The development of its own internationally strong licensing business is an important strategic corporate focus for the Brandstätter Group in the coming years. A separate company, Global Brand Activation GmbH (GBA), was founded in 2019 to manage the future worldwide licensing of the PLAYMOBIL brand. Beyond classic licensing out, new business areas such as promotions and live events will be developed. At Nuremberg Toy Fair, GBA is presenting on-trend style guides that offer a new, creative look at themes from the PLAYMOBIL world. In addition to the established classic themes, PLAYMOBIL is now entering a new franchise era with Novelmore’s knights play theme.
Worldwide potential with series formats
After a successful product launch in August 2019, the Novelmore brand made its impact on the worldwide entertainment market for kids with a TV special on TOGGO on SUPER RTL in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as on BOING in Italy – and showed that Novelmore, as a knights play theme and the first PLAYMOBIL original series on TV, particularly reaches the target group of boys in an excellent way. In the coming weeks, the TV special will also be shown on Cartoon Network channels in France, Benelux, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania and Africa. The Family Channel in Canada will also broadcast the special.
The action-packed series will then be launched in elaborate CGI animation on TOGGO on SUPER RTL and on the Family Channel in Canada in autumn 2020. Negotiations with other international broadcasters and platforms are ongoing.
PLAYMOBIL is also further expanding its own presence on YouTube this year. With PLAYMO High, the company’s first stop-motion series was successfully created in nine languages. For the EverDreamerz theme, an extensive short form offer is planned – from short animation clips to introduce the play theme and characters to unboxing videos. In Nuremberg, visitors to the Toy Fair will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a whole cosmos of creative themes, new stories and animated film sequences.
Highlights 2020: 188 innovations – three strong license themes
At the Spielwarenmesse, PLAYMOBIL is presenting a varied range of 188 new products. Successful license themes will be continued and supplemented by brand new licences for fans of all ages. For ‘HEIDI’, two TV specials have been produced with Studio 100 Media ǀ m4e with PLAYMOBIL, which will be shown on various children’s channels in spring and autumn 2020. Adults are also addressed with ‘SCOOBY-DOO!’ (Warner Bros.) and ‘Back to the Future’ (Universal Studios Limited). With the EverDreamerz, PLAYMOBIL also presents a completely new, story-based unboxing and collecting concept and, following the promising launch last year, the Novelmore world of knights will be expanded by further toy sets. Popular themes such as the Adventure Zoo, the Beach Hotel, the Princess Castle and the construction play theme complete the original mix of themes, which offers the right play idea for every target group, every occasion and every budget. The FunParks’ success story is also being continued – in 2019, the Group was once again able to welcome over 1 million visitors worldwide.



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