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Your chance to make additional sales with toys

Discover products at the Spielwarenmesse® that perfectly complement the books you sell!

  • Learn the basic rules for a successful non-book assortment
  • Get tips on the perfect table setup
  • Get concrete product recommendations for your themed presentations
  • Ensure that trending articles show up on your purchasing radar in good time
  • Network with colleagues and experts

Toys meet Books: The Special Area for booksellers

Books and toys – both are cultural assets that complement each other perfectly in the retail assortment. The 200 m2 large special area Toys meet Books at the Spielwarenmesse® will help you expand your classic product range in a way that is both sensible and profitable. In this special area, you'll encounter selected products that are the perfect fit for your bookstore assortment. Advice on how to put together themed presentations and tips on how to set up tables will ensure that your trip to the expo will give you a real advantage.

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The Special Area located at Entrance Mitte gave exhibitors a secondary space to display their non-book ranges which are of particular relevance to booksellers. The ways in which the products might best be presented at the POS has also been illustrated. Of the twelve product groups at the Spielwarenmesse®, these areas were of particular interest to booksellers:

Our programme of presentations for booksellers daily from Wednesday, 29 January, to Saturday, 1 February

Toy Industry Basics for Book Retailers
Axel Dammler, iconkids & youth

WE / TH / FR: 10:00 am – 10:45 am

The toy and book markets have never been as closely interwoven as they are today, with toys being turned into books and books being turned into toys. The boundaries between classic book and toy retail are also in flux. To help book retailers cut a clear path through the jungle that is the toy industry, Axel Dammler will explain the basics of the toy market in this presentation, including giving answers to questions such as:

  • What purchasing opportunities are there in toys?
  • How do different groups of buyers operate in the toy market?
  • What are the price points to watch out for?
  • Which trends in the toy market are significant for book retailers?


After completing his high school education, Axel Dammler studied communication science in Munich and today is the managing shareholder of iconkids & youth, the largest German specialist institute for research relating to children and young people. Since 1992, he has worked with young target groups and has carried out numerous studies into both the toy and book markets. He also works as a consultant for various publishing houses and has published a large number of articles and several books.

Making Customers Happy – Orchestrating Emotion
Sabine Gauditz und Hans Schmidt, experts in visual retail marketing, Arte Perfectum

WE / TH / FR / SA: 10:45 am – 11:30 am

Emotive products image work to conjure up smiles on the faces of customers both young and old. With the help of a practical example, this presentation will show you what is needed to make the product image work, how to captivate customers through application in the bookshop and how to stage your products skilfully.

Sabine Gauditz is an expert in visual marketing for retailers and has worked in the areas of active sales product presentation and sales room ambience in various industries since 1986. In 2002, she and Hans Schmidt set up Arte Perfectum, a visual marketing consultancy, and since then she has been travelling around the German-speaking market giving seminars, workshops and in-house advice.

Hans Schmidt is a qualified business economist and has worked in the book trade for 40 years. As a practice-oriented “lateral thinker”, he combines his business skills with extensive practical know-how and is the ideal sparring partner for creative problem solving in retail. He has been City Manager for the city of Nuremberg since 2015.

Basic Rules for the Non-Book Range
Markus Fels, consultant and former purchasing manager for a book wholesaler

WE / TH / FR: 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm | SA:  10:00 am – 10:45 am

Non-book product ranges are now an integral part of bookshops and are here to stay. So what should you pay attention to when buying, selling and marketing non-book ranges? What are the quantitative and qualitative factors that should be considered? What should you bear in mind in the listing and purchasing of non-book ranges and how do you use non-book ranges to increase the attractiveness of your business? Find out the answers to these questions in this presentation by Markus Fels for book retailers at the Spielwarenmesse.

Markus Fels headed up purchasing at a media wholesaler for more than 20 years, prior to which he was the managing director of various publishing houses. He has been teaching at Stuttgart Media University for many years and currently works as a speaker and consultant.

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