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TrendGallery 2018

Showcase your trend products!

Are you looking for an exceptional way to present your trend products? The TrendGallery in Hall 3A is the answer. This special area, redesigned for 2018, is a crowd puller, attracting visitors and media representatives at the Spielwarenmesse®. With the 2018 trends of the toy sector showcased here, you have a unique opportunity to position yourself as a trendsetter with your products.

Do you have products that match one of the 2018 trends? Then register today for the TrendGallery and be part of this some 1,000 m² world of experience.

Application deadline: 15 December 2017

Toy Trend 2018 Explore Nature

Explore Nature

Children spend far too much time in front of computers, smartphones and TVs and less and less time outdoors. Some see nothing beyond their own four walls, school and the supermarket anymore. Many city kids end up believing cows are purple and hens lay colourful eggs. They don’t realise the really exciting adventures awaiting them right outside their front door. “Explore Nature” is to bring children closer to nature again and encourage them to really explore and investigate.

Do your products help children learn more about nature? Then the “Explore Nature” trend is exactly right for you.

  • Toys which bring children closer to flora and fauna
  • Toys which children can use to grow their own vegetables
  • Toys with which children can enjoy outdoor adventures
  • Toys which children can use to investigate nature

Toy Trend 2018 Team Spirit

Team Spirit

Cooperation, social interaction and flexibility are skills which play an ever more important role for both the young and old in our society. Only together are we strong and capable of solving tasks and problems. This involves talking a lot with one another, respecting other options and also learning how to compromise. Lone operators do not emerge the victors in the end. We need to work together to win!

If your product line fosters a sense of community, then “Team Spirit” is your trend.

  • Toys which encourage cooperative play, indoors and outdoors
  • Toys for at least two players
  • Toys which involve creating things with others

Toy Trend 2018 Just for Fun

Just for Fun

Must toys always have a deeper meaning? And invariably encompass a learning function? Sometimes, toys should just be plain fun. Play for play’s sake. Where it’s all about the enjoyment of play. Whether alone, in pairs or in a larger group. Without complicated rules. Because there is no right or wrong. Simply letting imagination and ingenuity run wild.

“Just for Fun” is your trend if your products promise fun and games:

  • Toys where the play experience is to the fore
  • Toys where ingenuity and dexterity can also play a role
  • Toys without fixed rules of play which can be played with in whatever way imagined
  • Toys that go over really well at parties, birthdays and other social gatherings

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Carmen Rogge

+49 911 99813-10

Your contact:

Marlene Hösch

+49 911 99813-26

What to do


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by 15 December 2017

Acceptance or rejection

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Acceptance or rejection

by end of December 2017

Send in the products

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Send in the products

by 16 January 2018

What you get

  • Prominent secondary placement of your products in the TrendGallery
  • Inclusion of TrendGallery in numerous PR and marketing measures for Spielwarenmesse 2018 (e.g. press releases, newsletter)
  • Entry of placed products in the TrendGuide (online and print version)
  • Specific online marketing on the Spielwarenmesse website and in the social media channels of Spielwarenmesse

Conditions of participation

Price for companies not exhibiting at the Spielwarenmesse® 2018</br>&nbsp

1080 € per product

Special price for exhibitors of the Spielwarenmesse® 2018</br>&nbsp

540 € per product

Each participating company can display up to 3 products. Spielwarenmesse eG alone will decide which of the products submitted are approved and how the approved products are presented at the TrendGallery. No entitlement to the exhibition of certain products exists.

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