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Registration conditions

1. TrendGallery

1.1 The presentation of trend products at the TrendGallery is free of charge.

1.2 Along with the application form, the exhibitor must send digital images of the products to Spielwarenmesse eG. By submitting his or her registration, the exhibitor agrees to the use of the product images by Spielwarenmesse eG for marketing and promotional purposes.

1.3 A sample of each approved product must be sent to Spielwarenmesse eG, Herderstraße 7, 90427 Nuremberg, by 3 January 2020. The product must be fully functioning. If any further terminal devices are required for the demonstration of your product, these must be sent to us with all installed programs (e.g. apps) and the required accessories (e.g. charging cable).

1.4 Unless the exhibitor has stated in the application that he has consented to the donation of the products displayed for a charitable purpose, the exhibited products can be collected from the TrendGallery in hall 3A from 6 pm to 8 pm on 2.2.2020 or from Spielwarenmesse eG from 10.2.2020. However you hereby agree to donate any products not collected by 21.2.2020 to charity.

1.5 Spielwarenmesse eG and its agents accept no liability for any loss or damage to submitted products caused by them or their employees, except in the case of intent or gross negligence. Liability is limited to the amount of the purchase price of the product. Spielwarenmesse eG is not liable for any loss or damage caused by third parties, in particular by visitors to the Spielwarenmesse®.

1.6 Spielwarenmesse eG alone will decide which of the submitted products is approved and how the approved products are presented at the TrendGallery. No entitlement to the exhibition of certain products or a live presentation exists.

1.7 The entry in the TrendGuide is free but it is a condition for placing products in the TrendGallery. As soon as Spielwarenmesse eG confirmed the presentation of your product in the TrendGallery the entry must be made.

2. Trends on Tour

Spielwarenmesse eG is entitled to exhibit approved products of its choice within the scope of its program "Trends on Tour" at the following trade fairs as part of a special show: Kids Russia, Moscow; Kids India, Mumbai.

If the approved products are not required for the special show, Spielwarenmesse eG will inform the exhibitor by 10.1.2020. It then applies paragraph 1.4 accordingly.

Insofar as the approved products are required for the special show and the exhibitor has declared his consent to participate in the registration or at a later date, Spielwarenmesse eG will store the products provided for the special show at its own expense and send them back to the exhibitor if they are no longer required unless the exhibitor has given his consent in the application that the product(s) provided may be donated to a charitable cause.

Otherwise, the regulations in paragraphs 1.2, 1.5 and 1.6 apply accordingly to the Trends on Tour.

Data protection information

The data provided by exhibitor will be collected and stored in the database of Spielwarenmesse eG. The data are used exclusively to fulfil the contract and for the purposes of information and marketing. By submitting the registration, the exhibitor consent to the use of their e-mail addresses. The said consent can be revoked at any time. Any further use of the data, especially any disclosure to third parties, will not take place, except by service providers and their subsidiaries acting on behalf of Spielwarenmesse eG. Furthermore, the Privacy Policy of Spielwarenmesse eG applies.

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