Spielwarenmesse: Aldi and Lidl outpace the Big Four in UK expansion race

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Aldi and Lidl outpace the Big Four in UK expansion race

10. January 2018 10:35 h:

By www.toynews-online.biz

The pair are pressing ahead with ambitious growth plans in the UK, with a combined total of 128 planning applications having been submitted for new stores in 2017.

The Big Four supermarkets are lagging behind in the battle for UK expansion as discount retailer Aldi and Lidl continue to dominate the running.

According to data form the industry analysts Barbour ABI, Lidl submitted 68 planning applications for new stores last year and Aldi closely following with 60.

The traditional Big Four lagged behind with a total of 20 planning applications – eight for Tesco, seven for Sainsbury’s, four for Morrison’s and one for Asda. Property cost issues and an excess of floor space from larger stores has reportedly contributed to the scaling back from the four.

The applications submitted are predominantly for smaller convenience stores, looking to tap into the growing consumer habit of more frequent trips to local, convenient stores.

Recent years have seen both Lidl and Aldi increase its business within the toy retail sector, offering own product toy ranges as well as licensed products.

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