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Artist formerly known for prints

09. July 2020 10:10 h

Laurence King Publishing is settling into the children’s games sector

By www.toynews-online.biz

  • From specialist publisher of art and design books, to a top pick of the independent retailers plugging into the ‘make and do’ market, and a growing name in the children’s games and gifts sector, Laurence King’s reputation is a steadily flourishing one.

For a company that “stumbled into the children’s area” when it published Marion Deuchars’ first activity book Let’s Make Great Art in 2011, the publisher has made short work of establishing itself within a market for games and puzzles with a strong literary aesthetic, and has even managed to find success throughout the world’s standstill at the hands of the coronavirus, despite the temporary closure of many retailers in the toys and books arenas.

In fact, it’s over the last few years alone that gifts and games has become Laurence King’s fastest growing area, and, what started as a slow burn with a handful of gifts published per year some nine years ago, has become a business that is now witnessing the launch of up to 50 new titles a year for the firm.

2020 by all accounts is not a normal year, and while across the toy industry reports are coming in of increased sales during the lockdown, and while Rishi Sunak’s Summer Statement is doing its bit to abate the fears of a looming crisis for the UK, it still stands to reason that many firms are tackling the coming weeks and months with an air of apprehension. This hasn’t, however, forced Laurence King to curtail the launch of its ‘biggest list of games to date,’ this autumn, as the company continues to march on its plans to settle itself deeper into the children’s sector.

ToyNews talks to Marc Valli, deputy publisher at Laurence King Publishing to uncover more about the company’s successes in and ongoing plans for the toys, games, and gift aisles this year and beyond.



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