Spielwarenmesse: Bandai Namco talks plans for a whole new kind of Tori

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Bandai Namco talks plans for a whole new kind of Tori

07. November 2019 16:45 h

By www.toynews-online.biz

  • It was at the height of May that Bandai Namco, the Japanese video games giant, detailed its intention to redefine the ‘toys-to-life’ sector with the announcement of Tori, a new platform that would combine physical toys with mobile app game play.

While the UK was preoccupied with the spectacle of its long-standing parliamentary institution turned animal’s playground, Bandai was busy strengthening ties with Europe through a partnership with the French technology firm ISKN, that would go on to prove that there really is still value in a Tori party.

By October 2, the pair had delivered on its mission to launch to market the latest iteration of toy to bridge the physical and digital divide, with the introduction of a new “creative and imaginative ecosystem” that uses technology called ‘Mirror Play’ to enable children to use physical toys to control and interact with digital apps.

Launched with three physical items that can interact with the software, the Tori Explorer Pack arrived with a Wand, a Catapult, and a Spacecraft, as well as five apps to download and interact with.

It was heralded by many as the dawn of a new era for ‘toys-to-life’, a sector that has historically hit rather more stumbling blocks than high notes over its potted history, and marked just the start for an ecosystem that Bandai previously stated will be “enriched with new apps and toys over time,” in a form of gameplay that balances on and off-screen play.

Tori comes with a smart board, the accessories, and then the interactive apps. The idea is to develop an edutainment platform for children and families. It’s why Bandai Namco has been working closely with experts and doctors in psychology, motor skills development and ‘everything in between’, to launch a fully-fledged product that will help with the development of a child.

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