Spielwarenmesse: Hidden gems: This year’s doll category is full of surprises

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Hidden gems: This year’s doll category is full of surprises

13. August 2019 16:50 h

By toybook.com    

Unboxing is a huge trend right now — and there’s no surprise there. Browse through YouTube or Instagram Stories, and you’ll see video after video of consumers unboxing anything and everything, from celebrities opening PR packages brimming with beauty products to young kids tearing through blind bags loaded with toys.

Toy companies are taking the surprise component of the big reveal and bringing it to the doll aisle in unique ways this year. Dolls are becoming more multidimensional as manufacturers add new, surprise elements to the packaging and more hidden gems inside for kids to uncover. In some cases, even the doll itself is a surprise, remaining a mystery until the moment kids unbox it.

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