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29. August 2019 10:40 h

Hippychick’s Julia Minchin on 20 years of success and building a sustainable future

By www.toynews-online.biz

  • The kitchen table story is one wellknown within the toy industry, perhaps more so than any other, for the simple reason that for those of a particular mindedness – the likes of which are intrinsically drawn to this line of business – play comes naturally.

Beyond the literal act of stacking one block upon another, play, moreover, is the act of imagining; tweaking, moving things about and then re-imagining it all again. It’s a process that most of us reading this now are all too familiar with. And among us is Julia Minchin, the founder and joint managing director of the baby and preschool specialist, Hippychick, who did in the very literal sense begin her journey within the business of play from her kitchen table in Spaxton 20 years ago today.

For it was while at her kitchen table that Minchin kickstarted her business with the invention of the Hipseat, a baby carrier devised to ease the strain on parents’ backs when carrying their baby or toddler on their hip. That was back in 1999, and from there it wasn’t long before Minchin’s spine-saving innovation became the figurative back bone of a blossoming Hippychick business.

Recent headlines have drawn a great deal of attention to Hippychick, who is currently enjoying the limelight not only as it celebrates two decades of successful entrepreneurship within the pre-school toy sector, but for its redoubled efforts towards sustainability and eco-friendly toys amid a shifting consumer consciousness.

It was earlier this month that the firm was championed across the national media for its commitment to recycling with the launch of its Wheelybug Clinic, run by the company’s resident Wheelybug Doctor, that repairs and upgrades old Wheelybug ride-ons in its own bid to encourage consumers and parents to re-use toys rather than consign them to landfill.

The initiative has marked the start of what Minchin has outlined as major plans to promote the message of sustainability within the toy space from here on.

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