Spielwarenmesse: How to prepare for future Alpha Shoppers

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How to prepare for future Alpha Shoppers

30. September 2019 10:40 h

Each generation of shoppers bring different expectations, values and behavior that can be dramatically different from previous generations. Wunderman Thompson Commerce set out to discover more about Alphas (aged 6-16) and their expectations of retail in the future.

Alpha Gen hold strong values and principles: 66% like to buy from companies that do good in the world. 55% says that influencers inspire their purchases and Wishlist. Although they are considered to be digitally native, 75% like the experience of going to the physical store and highlight the omnichannel capabilities as a must in choosing a retailer. 20% will never buy from a retailer that cannot deliver the next day and are willing to wait on average 2.23 days.

Alexa plays an important role in the shopping journey for this generation. Clearly, Alphas are looking for a rich and exciting shopping experience, accessible both online and instore, they follow the trends set by influencers and they already enjoy the convenience and choice offered by Amazon.



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