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KidFocus gears up for rapid expansion

05. April 2019 10:57 h

The massive global success of L.O.L. Surprise! is fueling an unexpected side effect — expansion of toy distribution

By toybook.com

KidFocus, which operates as a start-up within MGA Entertainment (MGAE), works to supply mid-tier and specialty retailers as the exclusive, in-house B2B distributor of MGAE brands such as Little Tikes, Num Noms, and the ubiquitous L.O.L. Surprise! dolls.

The company, led by founder and CEO Cameron Larian, is expanding its business and its team, looking toward the future with bigger goals in mind.

We’ve seen exponential growth over the past year,” Larian tells the Toy Book. “We’re building an innovative culture that supports its people, and helps other businesses grow.”

Those other businesses include independent toy stores and other emerging (or reemerging) markets such as grocery, amusement, and reward and redemption — outlets that have sometimes been unable to access hot product due to outdated roadblocks.

For independents, relevancy is key, and competing with the buying power of large chains is an issue. KidFocus counters that by keeping its minimum order to just $750. The accessibility to hot product helps attract new customers, and the demand is sparking expansion at KidFocus’ Van Nuys, California office.

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