Spielwarenmesse: Partnership between Tomy and Drumond Park goes from strength to strength in 2020

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Partnership between Tomy and Drumond Park goes from strength to strength in 2020

22. January 2020 14:15 h

The companies have over 100 years of combined games experience

By toyworldmag.co.uk

  • The first year of partnership between Tomy and Drumond Park proved to be a great success in a challenging marketplace.

The brands secured the no. 1 position in the adult games category and placed five out of the top 10 adult games in 2019 with Articulate!, The Logo Board Game, Articulate Phrases, Best of Christmas and Articulate Your Life. Tomy and Drumond Park also gained no. 2 positioning in the kids games category, doubling their share year on year. A classic favourite, Pop Up Pirate, was one of the more notable successes, remaining at no. 1 in 2019 and showing growth year on year.

Building on the success and strength of adult games, Drumond Park is delivering the second edition of The Logo Board Game. Launched in 2009, The Logo Board Game is the second biggest seller in the adult games category. The new edition will refresh the game for both current Logo fans, but also looks to bring in new players and fans. The second edition will feature new brand names from the worlds of sports, cars and online that have been prominent over recent years. To accompany the second edition of Logo, Drumond Park is also launching a new addition to the Logo family, The Best of Food, a game based on what players consume every day.

Drumond Park’s Articulate! product range continues to be loved by all ages, from young to old, played by families and friends alike. Articulate! has been ranked the no. 1 game in the adult games category, and Articulate! for Kids coming in at no. 8 in the kids category. Articulate! Fame will launch in 2020, bringing new consumers into the Articulate! fold, to experience a quicker, faster game based on famous icons.

Tomy has added a new licensee to its portfolio – Harry Potter. The Harry Potter Wizarding Quiz is a virtual game with no rules to read and has over 1000 questions for superfans, parents and kids to enjoy.

Drumond Park will also be relaunching Bubble Buster after enjoying previous sales success in the kids games category, as well as celebrating the launch of Sea Sick Sam. This year will also see the expansion of other Tomy family favourite lines, with the launch of sequels Greedy Granny in a Spin and Screwball Scramble 2. For the first time, Screwball Scramble 2 will be supported by TV advertising, showing a commitment to the classics and building on their success.

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