Spielwarenmesse: Tabletop tech? “We’re only scratching the surface”

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Tabletop tech? “We’re only scratching the surface”

15. April 2019 16:11 h

By www.toynews-online.biz

  • Zai Ortiz and Nolan Bushnell are heavyweights in the world of film and gaming with a common goal; to deliver immersive storytelling through board games, the likes we’ve never seen before. That’s the aim of X2 Games, and that’s what its first release, St Noire is capturing with Amazon Alexa.

When you put the brainpower and foresight of the founder of Atari and creator of Pong in the same room as those of a Hollywood creative director and the name behind Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S. hologram system, the result is always going to be worthy of attention.

This is the exact set-up over at X2 Games; a relatively new name on the tabletop gaming scene, made up of a team of gaming and entertainment fanatics, who just so happen to be some of the biggest heavyweights in the field of storytelling.

Gaming nerds will of course know Nolan Bushnell for creating the video game industry when he founded Atari back in 1972. Bushnell gave the world the first blockbuster video game with Pong, before going on to start-up more than 20 companies across Silicon Valley.

Meanwhile Zai Ortiz boasts a hugely en- viable Hollywood career, having served as a creative director and 3D visionary for some of its biggest titles, as well as playing a major role in the success of the design and visual communication studio, DarkMatter.

Together, and under the joint venture banner of X2 Games, the two are about to launch the first fully immersive Amazon Alexa-powered table top game in St Noire: a title in which players take on the role of detective in piecing together clues and solving a crime in a murder-mystery adventure developed for the 21st century gamer. And yes, the result is certainly worthy of an attention that makes one thing very clear – tabletop games as we currently know them are just the tip of the iceberg of their potential for immersive storytelling.

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