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Thomas & Friends sets friendship in motion

15. February 2017 11:43 h:

Mattel gets first-ever global marketing campaign underway, which celebrates friendship

By www.toysnplaythings.co.uk

Mattel has set the wheels in motion on the first-ever global brand campaign for Thomas & Friends, a year-long marketing programme under the banner ‘Set Friendship in Motion’.

Informed by findings from a recent company study that reported mothers value EQ as much as they do IQ, the campaign is expected to hold appeal with parents around the world.

Set Friendship in Motion was established as a broad platform for the Thomas & Friends brand and carefully crafted with the purpose of helping pre-schoolers learn more about key friendship skills, such as collaboration, communication, sharing, manners, kindness, and the abilities to express and understand feelings and emotions. Content, digital activations, and live events will bring the campaign to life.

The platform will be featured in a variety of ways across all markets and lines of business from 2017 onwards, including on television, packaging and content bumpers. The campaign will launch with the first of three hero videos, which serve as the featured digital video content for the campaign and showcases how Thomas & Friends helps young children develop connections that can last a lifetime.

This campaign comes as Thomas & Friends global expansion continues to accelerate, especially in Asia, which last year saw the Thomas & Friends theatrical debut hit over 5,000 cinemas in China, with a total viewership of 700,000 and 3 million USD box office sales. The film marked the first time a Mattel-owned brand was released theatrically in the country, and was one of the few non-native children’s movies of the year to be released in cinemas.

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