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Toys aren’t just For kids anymore

24. June 2020 16:40 h

Adults are rediscovering the joy of play

By toybook.com

  • There was once a time when kids grew up. At some point, usually on the cusp between being tweens and teens, kids moved beyond traditional play and started viewing toys and games as “kid stuff” - as if that’s a bad thing. While some kids still do hit that point, big kids are realizing that they don’t have to let go of childhood. Once they move beyond the traditionally awkward teen years, a lightbulb goes off to signal that play is something for everyone.

The stereotype of 40-year-old men collecting toys - a phenomenon captured to perfection in a 2015 Saturday Night Live sketch in which collectors hoarded Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys with no intention of opening their packages to play with them - is slowly starting to fade.

Instead, that image is being replaced with groups of adults gathering around the table to enjoy toy-inspired games, such as the growing Funkoverse series, or by an increasing number of grown-ups who are taking on the hobby of toy photography (“toyography”), in which they play with toys in different ways, posing and staging them into epic scenes that capture childhood imagination in a single frame. On an even simpler level, many parents now actively engage in imaginative play with their kids - making connections in a way that parents in past decades didn’t.

As the growing Throwback Toy Box trend continues, retro properties continue to drive new products not just in rebooted lines and licenses, but also by inspiring completely new toy lines that take design cues from the classics.

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