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Tracking the trends

11. July 2018 14:02 h:

  • International TrendCommittee enters intensive research phase
  • Groundbreaking trends for the toy market

To keep business buoyant, retailers need to keep a keen eye on emerging toy trends. So that they know what to look out for next year, the international TrendCommittee has once again been commissioned by the Spielwarenmesse to trawl the world for the latest trends. The main trends will be revealed from mid-October 2018. They will then be showcased in the TrendGallery at the Spielwarenmesse from 30 January to 3 February 2019, where they will be brought to life with fitting products.

A vibrant international toy industry

The Spielwarenmesse’s TrendCommittee is composed of eleven interdisciplinary toy experts: Market researchers, trend scouts and journalists track market trends around the world, from the USA and Europe all the way across to China. Axel Dammler, Market Researcher iconkids & youth international research GmbH, has been an industry expert for many years: “Trends are really important especially for toys. Toys can be incredibly inclusive and help children and teenagers bond, particularly when several members of a group own the same toy. In addition, toys will often emerge that are based on a similar theme, giving rise to an overriding trend.”

The TrendCommittee has welcomed a new member to its ranks, Steven Ekstract, who brings to the table his long-standing expertise in licensing. He is founder and publisher of the magazine “License! Global” as well as a variety of other publications serving the burgeoning licensing industry. He also shares his knowledge of licensing by speaking at conferences all around the world.

The Spielwarenmesse trends – what is moving the market?

The focus is on medium-term industry trends that are just starting to make their mark and look set to influence the toy industry in the near future. So, although they have not yet flooded the market, they are already being seized by the first few manufacturers and discussed in the media. Their international appeal is also an important factor, as Christian Ulrich, Director Marketing Spielwarenmesse eG, explains: “Our trends have international viability and are not limited to any one country.”

The Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee at a glance:

  • John Baulch (Publisher, Toy World Magazine, UK)
  • Daniele Caroli (Journalist, Il Giornale dell’Infanzia, Italy)
  • Maria Costa (Market Researcher, AIJU Toy Research Institute, Spain)
  • Axel Dammler (Market Researcher, iconkids & youth international research GmbH, Germany)
  • Richa Dikshit (Blogger, Toy Tasting, India)
  • Steven Ekstract (Journalist, License! Global, USA)
  • Philippe Guinaudeau (Market Researcher, Kidz Global, France)
  • Marek Jankowski (Journalist, Branza Dziecieca, Poland)
  • Gabriela Kaiser (Trend Consultant, TRENDagentur, Germany)
  • Reyne Rice (Journalist and Trend Expert, USA)
  • Jane Wong (Journalist, TOY INDUSTRY, China)

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