Spielwarenmesse: Trade associations demand respite for commercial rental payments during corona crisis

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Trade associations demand respite for commercial rental payments during corona crisis

25. March 2020 12:50 h

Appeal supported by all participating organisations and associations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Retailers, the hospitality industry, service providers, those contributing to cultural life and producers are hit particularly hard by the corona crisis. They tend to run small and mid-sized businesses or are solo-self-employed. These very enterprises that bring inner cities and town centres to life are forced to close shop in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

This means: Overnight, sales drop to zero; monthly expenses for staff, rent and entertainment in a four, five or even six-figure range, however, continue almost unrestrained. For the retail sector, merchandise ordered for spring ties funds spent on the initial outlay and for storage that are often in the five-figure range – without any prospect of selling anything at the originally planned price. These liquidity issues often threaten the sheer existence of small and mid-sized businesses.

For this reason, the participating organisations and associations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are therefore advocating that all parties – lessors as well as tenants of commercial property – come together to discuss the temporary adjustment of lease agreements. The objective of the dialogue is to carve out pivotal commonalities despite varying interests and to find a fair balance and customised solutions for crisis-related issues, to enable the lasting continuation of the tenancies. This is to improve the chance of affected enterprises to stay in business until after the corona crisis. At the same time, the umbrella organisations and associations involved urge Federal politics to specifically include this issue in their supporting measures.



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