Spielwarenmesse: TrendCommittee expands Toy Know-how

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TrendCommittee expands Toy Know-how

08. July 2019 12:10 h

  • Spielwarenmesse: the trends for 2020 in focus
  • Team joined by three new members

The world is changing faster than ever. It is never long before social and technological developments also influence the toy industry. Recognising relevant trends as they emerge and keeping track of developments can be extremely challenging. That is why the international TrendCommittee created by the Spielwarenmesse keeps a close and exacting eye on the market. Based on their findings, the twelve committee experts will identify the main trends for 2020, which will be revealed from mid-October 2019. At the next Spielwarenmesse (29 January to 2 February 2020), the trends and related products can be experienced in action at the TrendGallery.

A feel for the future

The international TrendCommittee established by the Spielwarenmesse has a flair for recognising what will succeed on the market. Twelve toy experts – including market researchers, trend scouts and journalists – track down and evaluate the latest market movements all over the world. Three new members have joined the team this year, contributing their expertise and providing constructive input.

The American journalist Jackie Breyer is Group Publisher of The Toy Book and The Toy Insider and has been reporting about trends in the retail trade and the toy industry for the past 17 years. She has appeared as a guest and expert on many television programmes and in 2012 was awarded the accolade of “Wonder Woman in Toys, Licensing & Entertainment”.

Urszula Kaszubowska, the new Editor-in-Chief of the biggest Polish trade journal for toys and baby products Branza Dziecieca, is taking over Marek Jankowskis’ position on the TrendCommittee. She is also a member of the jury for the annual Polish “Toy of the Year” competition.

Lena Hedö, who has been Chairwoman of the Swedish Toy Retailers Association since 2002, will bring her knowledge of the Scandinavian toy market to the table. She can draw on more than 40 years’ experience in the toy sector, spending the majority of her career working for a family-run retail business trading from 13 toy stores. She is Editor-in-Chief of Lek & Babyrevyn, a Swedish trade magazine for toys and baby products, as well as Co-President of ITMA (International Toy Trade Magazine Association).

Pointing the way forward

The TrendCommittee shines a light on overriding, medium-term industry trends that look set to influence the toy industry in the near future. Emerging toys often seize upon similar themes, giving rise to a new trend, as Christian Ulrich, Director Marketing at Spielwarenmesse eG, explains: “These trends are not yet visible on the market en masse, but are increasingly being embraced by manufacturers and discussed by the media.” Other important factors that determine toy trends are internationality and endurance. The trend must display enough potential to assert itself on the market and be considered internationally viable.

The TrendCommittee for the Spielwarenmesse at a glance:

  • John Baulch (Publisher, Toy World Magazine, UK)
  • Jackie Breyer (Journalist, The Toy Book and The Toy Insider, USA)
  • Daniele Caroli (Journalist, Parents’ Choice, Russia)
  • Maria Costa (Market Researcher, AIJU Toy Research Institute, Spain)
  • Axel Dammler (Market Researcher, iconkids & youth international research GmbH, Germany)
  • Steven Ekstract (Journalist, License! Global, USA)
  • Philippe Guinaudeau (Market Researcher, Kidz Global, France)
  • Lena Hedö (Journalist, Lek & Babyrevyn, Sweden)
  • Gabriela Kaiser (Trend Consultant, TRENDagentur, Germany)
  • Urszula Kaszubowska (Journalist, Branza Dziecieca, Poland)
  • Reyne Rice (Journalist and Trend Expert, USA)
  • Jane Wong (Journalist, TOY INDUSTRY, China)


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