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Spielwarenmesse® 2021 Summer Edition
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Exhibiting fee for the Spielwarenmesse® 2021 Summer Edition

Row stands
1 side open
€ 184*/ m2

Corner stands
2 sides open
€ 224*/ m2

Head stands
3 sides open
€ 241*/ m2

Block stands
4 sides open
€ 245*/ m2


Minimum stand size: 9 m2

Exhibiting fees without stand construction or equipment, per m2 of floor space. A full m2 is charged for every m2 or part thereof. For two-storey stands (possible with 50 m2 or more of floor space), the price per m2 of upper floor space is calculated as 35 % of the relevant ground floor space price for inline stands

Registration fee

The registration fee is 400 €* and is deducted in full from the exhibiting fee on approval. We can
only process your registration after receipt of the registration fee. The registration fee is returned
to you in the case of non-approval.

Further charges

  • AUMA fee: 0,60 €*/ m²
  • Marketing package: 549,00 €*
  • Waste disposal fee: 2,50 €*/ m²

* All prices are subject to VAT, see pt. 6 & 7 of the Rules for Exhibitors 2021.

Fair calculator
What costs are to be expected for a participation?

The fair calculator helps you to easily estimate your participation costs. Not only factors such as stand size and equipment are taken into account, but also your travel and accommodation costs.