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Moderately priced accommodation at the Spielwarenmesse. Impossible? Think again! Our partners can help you find a hotel or private room that suits your needs in or around Nuremberg – both quickly and reliably.

Finding a hotel room

You’ll always find a suitable place to stay in Nuremberg whether you’re looking for a large international hotel chain, a privately run hotel close to the fair or even Germany’s most beautiful Youth Hostel with its impressive view of the Old Town and its rooftops.

In recent years, the number of beds available in Nuremberg has grown to ensure that every visitor has a memorable and enjoyable stay in the city of toys. Our partners will help you find accommodation to suit your needs – both quickly and reliably.

Tip: Book your hotel room early, after the fair weekend the hotel prices in Nuremberg are significantly cheaper.

NürnbergMesse partner hotels 

Many hotels have joined the PartnerHotels with low-cost allotments and offer reasonably priced overnight accommodation.

Find hotels at reasonable prices Spielwarenmesse

Book your hotel room for Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg. Get information directly from the NürnbergMesse GmbH which of the participating hotels still have free rooms available during Spielwarenmesse.

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Contact NürnbergMesse GmbH:

Telefon: +49 911 86068020
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Hotel rooms by the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office 

Are you looking for a hotel room during the Spielwarenmesse? Visit, a service by the Nuremberg Convention & Tourist Office and find all available hotels in Nuremberg at daily rates!

Congress- und Tourismus-Zentrale Nürnberg:

Telefon: +49 911 2336150
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Book your hotel online with the Nuremberg Convention and Tourist Office

Hotel rooms in Nuremberg on

Search online for free apartments and hotel rooms during the Spielwarenmesse.

You can find a large selection of available accommodations in Nuremberg and surroundings on

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Finding private accommodation

Private accommodation is a moderately priced and more individual alternative to booking a hotel room. The city of Nuremberg offers a wide variety of private accommodation for visitors.
Rather not stay in a large hotel? Our partners can help you find private accommodation and apartments that give you the privacy you need whilst making you feel at home.

Tip: Why not explore the possibility of staying in the surrounding area? Your entrance ticket is valid on the specified days also as a free travel pass on the VGN public transport network (rail travel: 2nd class, trains with no surcharge) in tariff zones 100/200 (Nuremberg, Fürth, Stein).

Private accommodation at airbnb

Our partner airbnb is the specialist that helps you find private accommodation. airbnb is the world's most popular marketplace that people can use to rent out private accommodation. From complete apartments to individual rooms, airbnb has a variety of private accommodation available for you. With personal contact with the landlord or complete privacy – you decide.

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Private appartements - bed & breakfasts 

Stay in a family atmosphere close to the fairgrounds. Find the right accommodation from a large selection of budget apartments, B&Bs and private rooms in Nuremberg.

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