Overview of product groups

The halls at the Spielwarenmesse have been divided into different product groups to provide you with a perfect overview of the industry.

Choosing your product range

Baby articles, lifestyle and trend products, school supplies and stationery, outdoor goods, fireworks and Carnival items, electronic toys and much more. You decide which products fit your strategy and range. At the Spielwarenmesse, you will find a unique selection of manufacturers in 13 product groups.

Lifestyle Products

For many customers, lifestyle products are a form of self-expression, often drawing on current trends. Particularly for the toy trade, licensing themes play an important role in this segment. Films, series, and video games such as Star Wars, Paw Patrol and Fortnite lend themselves as themes for original and everyday products, including decorative items, collectibles, and accessories.

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Dolls, Soft Toys

Dolls are among the oldest toys in the world. Even though these little playmates have a long history, their popularity has never waned. Soft toys, likewise, fall within this category along with accessories and clothing for dolls. Licensed products also feature strongly here.

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Baby and Infant Articles

Parents want only the very best for their babies. This is where the retail trade comes in, helping young families find the most suitable products for their little ones. Prams, nursery products, baby’s fashion and toys for early childhood development are just some of the items that reflect the diverse needs and play instincts of infants.

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Wooden Toys, Toys made from Natural Materials

Sustainability, durability, and educational value are attributes widely associated with wooden toys and toys made from natural materials. Sustainable products are in higher demand than ever. Combining materials in different ways provides fertile ground for creative innovations made from renewable resources such as wood and other natural products. 

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School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design

The toy trade often sees school bags, writing utensils and notebooks as a second pillar to their business, particularly during the back-to-school season. This range creates valuable synergies, is synonymous with professionalism and generates additional seasonal sales.

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Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys

This product group encompasses toys with technical components, toys that have an educational impact on children and action toys.

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Electronic Toys

Technological progress is associated with terms such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, virtual reality and many more. These technological developments are also making their mark on the toy industry. In the world of electronic toys, children and adults can interact with their toys, actively adapt the chosen mode of play, e.g. through play-based programming, and much more. 

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Model Railways and Model Construction

As a group, Model Railways and Model Construction covers products for beginners, experts, and collectors. Impressive modules fascinate enthusiasts with their intricate attention to detail. This is the ideal setting for both large and small exhibitors and for presenting and discovering the latest innovations in this sector.

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Sports, Leisure, Outdoor

Products in the Sports, Leisure and Outdoor segment continue to enjoy strong demand even in an increasingly digital world. Be it for summer or winter, you will always find the perfect product for every season.

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Festive Articles, Carnival and Fireworks

The product group Festive Articles, Carnival and Fireworks includes everything you need to throw a good party or celebrate a special occasion. Bangers, firecrackers, and rockets are shown alongside fancy-dress costumes and all kinds of party accessories.

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Games, Books, Learning and Experimenting

This category features a diversity of games publishers, all revealing their latest innovations and new ideas.

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Services for Trade and Industry

In this category you will find providers of a wide range of services for retailers and manufacturers- from testing and inspection institutes to marketing and consulting agencies to manufacturers of sustainable production materials.

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Multi-Product Group

The multi-product group accommodates manufacturers whose portfolio is too broad to fit in a single category. Discover the colourful world of these exhibitors.