ToyTrends 2023 – Discover!

Children are curious. And they want to understand and comprehend the world around them. There's no stopping them. Today, they're exploring the deep sea; tomorrow, they'll be off finding out about the world of pyramids; and the day after that, they'll be discovering the flora and fauna in the neighbouring woods. Their thirst for discovery is boundless. In the truest sense of the word. Because, after all, foreign languages and cultures are just crying out to be understood

The "Discover!" trend brings children closer to the unknown and encourages them to really get to grips with it.


With the Palace on Mount Olympus play set from Playmobil’s History series, children from the age of six can immerse themselves in Greek mythology. Mount Olympus is the dwelling place of the gods. Zeus, the father of the gods, lives here in his palace. He gives instructions to Dionysus, the god of wine, and one of the Graces to welcome the other gods. Upon their arrival, a lavish feast is celebrated on Mount Olympus.

The Fun Science experimental kit "Breeding Triops" from Kosmos lets children aged eight and older experience prehistoric crustaceans. After just a few days, the prehistoric creatures hatch. They swim through the pool, burrow into the sand and can be observed from all sides. The enclosed instructions provide background information and valuable tips such as a feeding schedule so that children can learn how to treat the little animals properly.

The Space Explorer 6-in-1 DIY Craft Box from JackInTheBox offers children aged five and more six different craft projects. In a rocket science experiment, children learn what it feels like to be a space explorer. They build their own rocket, fuel it, and watch it take off! While making a wind chime for their room, they learn all about the planets in our solar system. A homemade kaleidoscope teaches them about the stars and a space expedition board game invites them to take an exciting journey through the Milky Way. A constellation light chain for their bedroom window and the discovery of the phases of the moon round off the craft box.