Toys go Green

The Megatrend 2022

Even as far back as 2011, the Spielwarenmesse recognised the immense importance of the topic of sustainability and set up a special show all about sustainable products. As one of the three toy trends for 2020, Spielwarenmesse presented Toys 4 Future: a variety of toys that bring children closer to the issues of sustainability and environmental awareness. This trend was very well received by visitors, exhibitors and the international press.

For us, this is one reason to give sustainability an even bigger platform in 2022 and to devote ourselves fully to this topic. Concisely and clearly condensed background knowledge, interesting data and facts on the subject of sustainability as well as talks by experts round off the special Toys go Green.


Together with experts, we have defined four different categories.

Made by Nature

At some time in their life, almost every child has created a new world using wooden blocks, building everything from a simple tower to a car racing track or circus – basically anything the child's imagination can think of. Wooden toys are already among the most important toys in children's bedrooms during the early childhood development phase. In addition, there are now countless other natural materials that can be used to make toys. The palette ranges from bamboo to wool and rubber via cork or corn.

Inspired by Nature

What do certain sandpit toys, diggers or dolls have in common with maize, sugar cane or wood? A strange connection, at first glance. But it is possible to produce plastics with all these renewable raw materials. Normally, crude oil, coal or natural gas are used to produce plastic. However, these fossil resources are not going to be available forever and are slowly becoming scarce. Making use of renewable raw materials protects the environment and reduces harmful CO2 emissions.

Discover Sustainability

How does a wind turbine actually work? How can we help the endangered bees? And where does the rubbish in the sea come from? Whether it’s children’s books, experimental kits or board games, toys can be used to explain renewable energies, recycling and the like in a very simple and child-friendly way. You can’t start making even the youngest children aware of the topics of environmental protection and sustainability early enough.

Recycle & Create

Nature shows us that everything natural is part of a cycle. Nothing that dies remains as waste, but serves as food for other living creatures or decomposes and releases nutrients. This principle can also be applied to products: a toy would be particularly sustainable if it were made of renewable or recycled raw materials and could be recycled into new products at the end of its life. Already today, many toys are made from recycled water bottles or refrigerators, for example.

Toys go Green Glossary

From Bio-based plastics and Recyclate to Upcycling - in our glossary you will find explanations of all the important terms relating to Toys go Green!


International experts gave detailed insights on the topic of sustainability at Spielwarenmesse Digital. You can find all the webcasts here.


Sustainability around the world

This year, the Spielwarenmesse TrendCommittee agreed that ecological toys are continuing to gain in importance. But how important is the topic of sustainability in the different countries around the world? Our TrendCommittee members tell us:

Articles & Best Practices

Would you like to learn more about sustainability? Then read exciting articles from experts or best practice examples from exhibitors and retailers in our online magazine.