Bing becomes the face of a nationwide campaign for children in Italy

The Italian Society of Paediatrics and nursery trade association Assonidi have chosen the character Bing, from the award-winning preschool animated film by Acamar Films, as the front character for a new nationwide campaign in Italy. The campaign, "Healthy Habits for Children," is the first of its kind launched by the national medical body. It aims to help support adults and children in their daily lives in the coming years. 

In doing so, Bing and his friends will provide support to help children develop and implement healthy habits and daily routines at a young age. These include routines in nutrition as well as topics such as change, dealing with feelings, through to doctor's visits and sleep routines. The campaign includes providing clips and activities with Bing that are designed to be appealing to children. Currently, Bing is the most popular preschool series on Rai Play's digital platform. The Italian Society of Pediatrics and Assonidi saw the opportunity to engage with families and children to support their cause and promote their mission to encourage the health and well-being of children in Italy. The first theme, "Growing with Bing" will be released this month and focuses on nutrition, educating families about the importance of fruits and vegetables in children's diets and why drinking water is so important.

„(…)This partnership with Acamar and Assonidi is an important step towards the realization of our mission: to promote the psychophysical health of children and their social well-being.“ , says Annamaria Staiano, President of the Italian Society of Pediatrics. 

Families, physicians and teachers will have access to prescription cards, activity sheets and videos approved by the Italian Society of Pediatrics. In addition, the materials will be distributed through Assonidi to all 400 affiliated kindergartens and families in kindergartens, as well as in Italian Society of Pediatrics physician offices. Campaign materials will also be available for download in late summer at and shared on social media with Bing followers.