Compact information on tickets for press representatives and content creators


New accreditation

If you have not yet registered with the Spielwarenmesse or did not attend in 2023, please register in advance providing proof of your journalistic activities. The accreditation phase starts in autumn.

The kind of documents we accept as proof for accreditation can be seen in our accreditation conditions for media representatives. Please also read our accreditation guidelines.


Accreditation for journalists already registered

In autumn media representatives who registered for Spielwarenmesse 2023 will receive an email, containing the latest PressGuide. Please note that we require current proof of accreditation from all journalists for the Spielwarenmesse 2024. We also request that you update your contact details with us.


Accreditation for content creators

If you operate a professional, industry-related blog or another channel that relates in some way to the Spielwarenmesse, simply apply from autumn onwards for online accreditation providing corresponding proof. The kind of documents we accept as proof for accreditation can be seen in our accreditation guidelines for content creators.

Receiving accreditation for previous events does not mean that you automatically qualify for accreditation at the current event. Accreditation is not a legal right.

Find out more about our services for content creators.


Note for PR- and advertising agencies

PR- and advertising agencies will only be accredited if they work for one of our exhibitors and have sufficient proof. Legitimation should be submitted in German or English.

Kindly note, that Spielwarenmesse eG reserves the right to conduct further investigations to establish proof of journalistic activities.


The Spielwarenmesse is a trade fair. Only journalists and trade visitors aged over 16 years may attend the Spielwarenmesse. Press passes are not issued to employees in the managerial echelons, the advertising or marketing departments of publishing houses, nor to relatives, without suitable proof of journalistic activity. If you would like to visit the Spielwarenmesse for non-journalistic purposes and you meet the requirements for trade visitor status, we kindly ask you to register as a visitor.

Your contact person:

Stefanie Rieschel

Stefanie Rieschel

Media Manager

Fax: +49 911 99813-855