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School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design

Crochet, painting, being creative: the DIY trend is leading to great demand for craft supplies and instructions among all age groups. As one of the main distribution channels, toy retailers are benefiting from this craze. School supplies, school bags and stationery are also some of the strongest seasonal sellers. 

“The Spielwarenmesse is very important to me as I can discover and understand current trends and innovations from all over the world. As a result, I can find things ideally suited to satisfy increasingly demandig younger customers in particular.”
Rosalba Capurro, KM2 S.r.l.,visitor from Italy
“The atmosphere at the Spielwarenmesse is terrific. Being in hall 4 and therefore positioned closely to the educational toys, we are benefiting from greater visitor traffic. This means we can forge new and interesting business contacts.”
Hans Jörg Iden, CEO, duo schreib & spiel Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. Vertriebs KG,exhibitor from Germany

You can discover

In this product group you will find

  • School Articles, Stationery

Exercise books, blocks; Folders, file binders, organization aids; Writing utensils; Drawing materials, colours; Compasses, drawing utensils, sharpeners; Labels, foils, stickers; School bags and accessories; Backpacks and accessories; Cones for sweets on the first day of school; Educational and children's books; Water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.; Watches, clocks and alarm clocks; Other stationery articles, trend articles; Shop fitting

  • Creative Design

Handicraft articles, accessories and books; Painting and artists' articles; Modelling, plasticine; Adhesives, glues; Casting techniques; Needlework, textile design; Jewellery and accessories; Beads; Mineral stones; Florists' articles, artificial flowers; Literature for handicrafts; Handicraft tools; Smelting pellets and sets; Wax articles; Wickerwork; Gift ribbons, wrapping paper, bags, etc.

License articles, sustainable toys and toys for people with special needs complete the product portfolio.

The School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design product group is located in hall 4 (partial area).

Hall plan 2019. The interactive hall plan for the Spielwarenmesse® 2020 is available from November onwards.

With more than 1 million products, including around 120,000 new toys, the Spielwarenmesse® offers a unique product variety. Read in the ToyMagazine which trends and innovations are emerging in the product group School Artices, Stationery, Creative Design.

In the toy trade, school bags, backpacks, writing utensils and pads make up the classic range of additional products available. The "way to school" range produces synergy effects, stands for competence and generates additional seasonal business. High demand in this area is above all experienced in the first months of the school year all over the world.

Paper, office supplies and stationery are some of the basic commodities available all year round and have an ongoing demand. Last year, the German Institute of Retail Research (IFH) recorded stable sales figures in the individual segments of the paper, office supplies and stationery industry in the European markets.

Comparable market data are available for other sub-areas of this product group. Here you can find an overview of the top 5 countries in terms of market size and growth rate in the product group School Articles, Stationery, Creative Design*.

Top 5 market size

Arts and Crafts

  • USA: $1.767.5 million (- 7.2 %)
  • China: $501.8 million (+ 6.6 %)
  • France: $266.8 million (- 0.3 %)
  • United Kingdom: $260.8 million (- 8.2 %)
  • Japan: $208.7 million (+ 13.7 %)

Top 5 growth rate

Arts and Crafts

  • Ukraine: + 23.1 %
  • Russia: + 21.9 %
  • Mexico: + 20.4 %
  • South Africa : + 17.3 %
  • Brazil: + 17.1 %

* Source: Euromonitor International, 2016/2017 (updated August 2018)

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