Spielwarenmesse: Toy innovations 2018: Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys

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Messe-Neuheiten 2018: Technisches Spielzeug, edukatives Spielzeug, Aktionsspielwaren


Toy innovations 2018: Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys

from Harald Hemmerlein

Toy manufacturers are using state-of-the-art electronics and sophisticated combinations of features to enhance the play experience. Accordingly, you will now find classic construction toys, marble runs and tractors with surprises that further encourage play, robots that teach programming skills and toys offering a whole new dimension of experience via apps. The Spielwarenmesse® 2018 will showcase innovations in the Technical Toys, Educational Toys, Action Toys product group to trade visitors.

BRUDER: John Deere 9620 RX Traktor
Bunchems: Hatchimals
Catchup Toys Ltd.: Spider Spin
Clementoni: Robomaker
fischertechnik: ROBOTICS TXT Smart Home Set
Herpa: Centopia
Magnet Ltd.: Magnetic Marble Run
Matador Spielwaren GmbH: Maker
PIXIO: Magnetic Bricks
Smubic: Coloring Constructor
Jazwares: WowWee Fingerlings

Robot toys for the programmers of the future

Children can enter the world of robots with the “Robomaker” from Italian company Clementoni S.p.A. (Hall 10.1 / A-01, A-02, C-03). The more than 250 components in the set can be combined to build five different robots, which can be programmed manually or via app. Infrared sensors allow the robots to detect, grasp and carry objects.

The “ROBOTICS TXT Smart Home Set” from fischertechnik GmbH (Hall 4 / E-09, F-10) helps introduce children to the digital world and learn programming skills through play. Via cloud interaction, the sensor station combined with the ROBOTICS TXT controller and Robo Pro software enable queries of the “environmental wellness sensor”, for example. This determines whether the air conditioning should be turned on in your living room at home.

Electronically enhanced enjoyment

With the new “Playmogram 3D” sets from PLAYMOBIL - geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG (Hall 12.2 / P-07), smart devices become hologram projectors. The new sets each contain a “Playmogram 3D Pyramid” and a Ghostbuster figure, with all of the equipment. By downloading the Playmogram 3D app and placing the hologram pyramid as indicated on a smartphone or tablet, ghostly projections are brought to life before your very eyes. One quick move and the ghost is pulled into the trap.

Ravensburger Spieleverlag GmbH (Hall 12.0 / A-12, D-13) is presenting the new recording and playback feature of its tiptoi pen with “tiptoi CREATE”. From autumn 2018, children will be able to use the integrated microphone to make their own recordings and play them back, imaginatively creating their own tiptoi world.

Building our own play worlds

With “Coloring Constructor”, Latvian company Smubic (Hall 3A/D-22) is showing that simpler materials can also be used to create imaginative worlds. Buildings and entire villages can be built from the construction elements, made of recycled cardboard. Children can then paint them anyway they wish with all kinds of paints.

Technical components can also be found in wooden toys. Austrian company Matador Spielwaren GmbH (Hall 3A / H-02) is presenting the “Maker” wooden construction kit. Children aged just three and older can use the Matador hammer to connect building blocks and pins. Using the special pliers, the constructions can be taken apart again and re-assembled to form new structures.

The “My Little World” products from German Herpa Miniaturmodelle GmbH (Hall 4A / E-239) consist of pre-punched sheets of paper with a special coated material. With the “Mia and Me” licensed product, the land of Centopia from the popular TV series is created together with its animated heroes. A “secret compartment” keeps treasures and secrets safe.

Attractive construction projects

US company PIXIO (Hall 3A / D-44) has found an original way to use magnetic force to build objects. The magnetic building blocks can be connected as you want and stick together without any visible fixing elements. The components are standardised cubes, which the designers believe to be the most fundamental form – both mathematically and aesthetically.

Classic marble runs can now be very simply built using magnetic force. Prefabricated track elements are fixed to a magnetic board, with the marbles following the pull of gravity around a triangular tower. Marble run builders must take care to ensure that the start and end points of the individual track elements line up for a clear run (Magnet Ltd., China; Hall 5 / A-31)

Action-packed rotational energy

A spider catching metal discs with its magnetic metal legs: that’s the idea behind “Spider Spin” from Catchup Toys Ltd. (Hall 12.0 / H-04-4) from Hong Kong. Two or more children compete by setting their spinning spiders in motion and hoping that their spider catches the most discs with a positive value. The action stays exciting to the end, because any player can play a joker to wipe out his opponent’s points.

Spinning, rolling and jumping, it’s all go-go-go with the LEGO NINJAGO Spinjitzu spinners from LEGO GmbH (Hall 12.2 / P-01). The LEGO minifigure capsules are attached to the spinners. Cool moves result when these are set in motion by pulling on the rip cord.

Devoted playmates

The WowWee Fingerlings, distributed in Germany by Jazwares (Hall 6 / C-41), created a big stir last year. New this year is the “Baby Unicorn”. This little pet, who likes to cling to your finger and other objects of the same shape, responds to his new owner with very special unicorn noises. Innovative technology allows the Baby Unicorn to respond to his environment through noise, movement and touch. A noise sensor allows direct communication.

Hatchimals, a worldwide success for Canadian company Spin Master (Hall 12.0 / D-10), are gaining a creative dimension. The new “Hatchimals Theme Kit” from Bunchems allows children aged four and older to build their own Hatchimal from little colourful Velcro balls. Just like the original, the Bunchems Hatchimal is also enclosed in an egg.

Tractor all-rounders

The Happy Series from Dickie Toys (SIMBA DICKIE GROUP; Hall 4 / C-04; 6 / B-02, C-03; 6 / B-01; 7A / B-119) will incorporate a new true-to-life toy vehicle in March 2018. The “Happy Farm Trailer” developed with Fendt, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, boasts numerous light and sound effects as well as a removable and manually movable front shovel. The tractor, including trailer, comes in at 65 centimetres in length.

To mark the 100th anniversary of John Deere joining the tractor business, BRUDER (Hall 4 / C-04; 6 / B-02) is bringing out an impressive John Deere 9620 RX tractor with track system. It features innovative articulated steering and an all-terrain track system newly developed by BRUDER for its tractors. Both details increase the fun factor and represent a USP among tractors. The tracks keep the tractor stable, ensuring it stays firmly on the ground even in very uneven terrain.


Author of this article:

Harald Hemmerlein


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Stay informed with trends and developments of the toy market. Register for one of our newsletter.