Spielwarenmesse: New publisher Deep Print Games founded

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New publisher Deep Print Games founded

28. January 2020 11:50 h

  • Six well-known faces and one new publisher for board games: As shareholders with equal rights Peter Eggert and Philipp El Alaoui (former eggertspiele/Plan B Games), Viktor Kobilke (Frosted Games, former eggertspiele/Plan B Games), Matthias Nagy (Frosted Games) as well as Karsten Esser and Andreas Finkernagel (Pegasus Spiele) founded Deep Print Games, a publisher for board games based in Berlin.

The six shareholders bring a total of 130 years of experience in the board game business to the newly-founded publisher, which aims to become a flagship for family games as well as core games and gamers’ games.

Over the years a deep friendship between Peter Eggert, Philipp El Alaoui, Karsten Esser and Andreas Finkernagel has evolved. This friendship later extended to Viktor Kobilke and Matthias Nagy. For their latest project, Deep Print Games, Pegasus Spiele CEOs Karsten Esser and Andreas Finkernagel assume rather a supporting role: „Matthias, Peter, Philipp, and Viktor bring a blend of outstanding board game experience and expertise. We leave the core business and the editorial work to them, but support our partners with our help and advice whenever needed. We are looking forward to this new project and the amazing board games to come.”

So far, all shareholders took part in publishing various acclaimed games, many of which received the most influential awards of the board game industry, including Spiel des Jahres, Kennerspiel des Jahres, International Gamers Award, and Deutscher Spielepreis. The focus will be on impressive games, as Viktor Kobilke explains: “We don't want to limit ourselves by categories, but rather, through dedicated editing, realize great game ideas from well-known and new designers in such a way that they offer unique game experiences and leave a lasting impression.”

At SPIEL´20 in ESSEN, Deep Print Game’s first game will be released: Renature by Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling – an area control game with dominoes. Exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland is Pegasus Spiele. Also, the development team is already working on gamer’s games, including the redesign of a classic.




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